Solutions Designed to Simplify Donation Processing and Increase Efficiency

Continuously managing gifts from donors, storing sensitive financial records, sorting mail, and opening envelopes can be daunting and time-consuming. These tasks often take time and attention away from your primary mission: Making a difference. OPEX has experience helping non-profit organizations like yours streamline workflows, allowing employees to focus less on administrative work and more on your organization’s main goals.


Scan Documents More Efficiently

OPEX can help efficiently scan and capture documents with less prep and manual labor. Our powerful document imaging systems and software can adapt to many applications and increase efficiency. This saves you time and money while allowing your staff to focus on higher priorities.


Capture Donations with Less Hassle

OPEX’s remittance processing solution captures both documents and checks directly from the envelope. Our scanners, powered by OPEX CertainScan® software, quickly read MICR data, OCR scanlines from stubs/coupons and capture high-quality images of checks and all associated documents. Our systems help reduce several processing steps and heavy prep work, including manual data entry, allowing you and your staff to focus on running your non-profit organization.


Streamline Mail and Parcel Handling

Simplify how you process incoming mail and packages with OPEX’s mail and parcel management solutions. Whether you’re facing challenges with mail sorting, envelope opening and extraction, or scanning donor payments and general mail, OPEX is here to provide you with a system that will solve your toughest challenges.


Manage and Search Through Records Easily

Retaining and searching through paper donor records and financial documents can become unmanageable and expensive. With OPEX’s archive scanning solution, you can safely scan your valuable records and archives of mixed sizes, thicknesses, and conditions to free up physical storage space and allow for digital database searching.

“The stack feeder on the Falcon® Scanners makes our lives so easy. We can achieve maximum throughput with just a few minutes of user training.”

Dan Hoien

Processing Manager, Arbor Day Foundation


Unlock Operational Efficiency with OPEX

OPEX is powering the future of automation. Contact us to learn more about how our vertically integrated automated solutions can help take your business to new heights.