Solutions to Simplify Workflows for Legal Offices and Law Firms

Law firms and legal offices manage a high volume of paper, whether for records, archives, billing, or other confidential documents. Manually scanning and entering data for all this work can be overwhelming, keeping you from focusing on the highest priority – your clients. OPEX has experience helping the legal industry streamline document imaging and archive handling workflows. Our solutions increase efficiency and help maintain document confidentiality and integrity.


Capture High-Quality Images of Legal Documents

From scanning invoices to case records, you need a document capture system you can rely on for electronic discovery (e-discovery). OPEX’s document imaging solutions eliminate the need for multiple steps, minimizing prep and saving time. Our production scanners, powered by OPEX CertainScan® software, easily handle mixed documents of different sizes, thicknesses, and conditions with fewer jams. For non-scannable items, an optional external digital capture is available. We even offer a transportable scanning solution for on-site client work.


Digitize and Retain Valuable Archives

Save time and achieve peace of mind knowing that your archives have a digital backup with OPEX’s archive scanning solution. Searching through records in off-site storage takes up valuable time and leaves archives vulnerable to natural disasters or damage. Digitizing your archives makes searching for information easier and faster and provides a reliable backup in case anything goes wrong. OPEX’s scanning systems capture images of even the most fragile and delicate archives, using CertainScan software to restore and enhance image quality.


Open, Extract, and Scan Client Mail

From managing mail from your clients to high-volume mail opening, OPEX can help you process mail faster in less time. We offer advanced systems that can open, extract, and scan envelopes and contents in one streamlined workflow, ideal for client records and invoices. With OPEX’s mail and parcel management solution, you can quickly process more mail and deliver enhanced results for your clients.

FADGI-Capable Scanning Solutions

With the Federal Agency Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) taking effect June 30, 2024, most physical documents will no longer be accepted in U.S. government offices. Therefore, all existing records and archives must be digitized and FADGI compliant. OPEX offers FADGI-capable scanning solutions powered by an intelligent document imaging software suite to help ease this transition for organizations working with government records. Our solutions increase productivity and efficiency while providing measurable cost savings by reducing processing times and saving valuable resources.

“It would have been so much harder without OPEX.”

David Collings

General Manager, Legastat


Unlock Operational Efficiency with OPEX

OPEX is powering the future of automation. Contact us to learn more about how our vertically integrated automated solutions can help take your business to new heights.

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