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When you select OPEX, you aren’t just choosing a vendor; you’re choosing a partner who is committed to helping you succeed in all aspects of your operation. OPEX is there to support you right from the beginning of the process, and we stay with you even after your new system is installed. We aim to ensure that your system is up and running quickly and smoothly so that your operations can continue without interruptions.

Streamline Your Operations with OPEX Professional Services

Before installing your new system, it’s important to ensure that your operations are running smoothly. Our team of OPEX professional services staff will work with your team and the local OPEX service manager to fully plan and implement a unique hardware and software solution based on a thorough workflow analysis of your operations.

Efficient and Hassle-free Equipment Setup and Configuration Services

Our team can help you get started quickly without any delays. Once the hardware and software are delivered, we will install, configure, and test the equipment to ensure it is running smoothly. Depending on the complexity of your automation solution, we can configure jobs remotely or on-site within a few days.

Increased Operational Efficiency Without Adding Complicated Workflows

We are committed to offering precise and cost-effective configurations that meet your operational objectives and resolve complex workflow issues. Our team of skilled data analysts will take the time to understand your unique needs and work with you to create the perfect solution.

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OPEX's Advantages

1,100 Systems Installed Worldwide

450+ Trained Service Technicians

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Comprehensive Support and Expertise

OPEX provides extensive support throughout the entire process. This includes initial planning, installation, and post-installation support. Our professional services staff works closely with your team and local service managers, ensuring that the installation is tailored to your specific needs and that your system is up and running efficiently.

Customized Solution Development

A thorough workflow analysis of your operations allows us to develop solutions that are uniquely suited to your business. Such customization ensures that the system integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows, enhancing efficiency without overly complicating processes.

Efficient System Implementation

OPEX ensures a hassle-free setup and configuration of equipment. The process is designed to minimize delays, with the team capable of installing, configuring, and testing the equipment swiftly. Depending on the complexity of your setup, OPEX can also provide remote or on-site configuration of jobs within a few days, thus reducing downtime and accelerating your transition to the new system.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The focus of OPEX on integrating the new system into your existing workflow without adding complexity is a significant advantage. OPEX’s skilled data analysts work to understand your unique needs, crafting solutions that are not only precise but also cost-effective. This approach helps in resolving complex workflow issues and boosts overall operational efficiency, ensuring that your operations continue smoothly and effectively.

“The OPEX engineers and technicians were easy to work with and implementing the sure sort system went as smoothly as any automation start-up i have ever worked on.”

Paul Kee

TPRG Group Supply Chain Director (UK)

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