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We engineer unique automated solutions to address complex business challenges. Our scalable Warehouse and Document & Mail Automation solutions drive efficiencies in infrastructure. Our family-owned company has over 1,500 committed employees who work together to innovate, manufacture, install, and service products that are helping transform industries every day. We listen to our customers and work together to reimagine the future through automated solutions.

Automated Systems

OPEX Infinity robotic machine operating in an automated warehouse with glowing green lights on each side.

OPEX® provides Warehouse Automation solutions featuring cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes supply chain infrastructure for our valued clients. Our systems are designed to be modular, flexible, and easily configurable, catering to each client’s specific requirements and enabling seamless adaptation to evolving business needs. These solutions effectively address challenges in order fulfillment, reverse logistics, cross-docking, and parcel management.

Person sitting at a desk with a computer in a dimly-lit room, with document trays and a file drawer nearby.

OPEX partners with clients from across the globe, helping them streamline their Document Automation processes to achieve enhanced operational efficiency. We provide state-of-the-art solutions that cater to various industries, including service bureaus, banks, medical and healthcare organizations, law firms, insurance agencies, government institutions, and more.


OPEX Corporation is coming up on its 50th anniversary since the company was acquired by the Stevens family in 1975. From its humble beginning as a mail automation company with only eight employees in the 1970s, OPEX has grown to have over 1,500 employees currently and continues to develop cutting-edge technology for warehouse automation, document automation, and mail automation, creating innovative solutions that help our customers now and in the future.


In 2022, OPEX launched the Infinity® AS/RS at MODEX 2022 and the Gemini® scanner with Right-Speed™ scanning technology in April 2022, adding to its catalog of cutting-edge technology. While the past few decades have been eventful, we’re more excited than ever about the many wonderful changes and innovations in the years ahead.

2021 – Plano Office Opens
2022 – Launched Infinity® and Gemini®
2022 – EMEA Headquarters Opens in Germany
2024– Sure Sort® X and Xtract

Collage of various automated storage systems and a warehouse exterior, showcasing different types of robotic shelving units.


The 2010s proved to be a significant and exciting decade for OPEX. OPEX expanded globally, launching the Perfect Pick® goods-to-person system, the Falcon® series of scanners, the Perfect Pick HD (High Density) system, and the Sure Sort® automated sorting system.

2013 – Launched Perfect Pick®
2014 – Launched Falcon® Series of Scanners
2017 – Launched Perfect Pick® HD and Sure Sort®

A collage of automated warehouse systems including robots picking items from bins and sorting packages.


With the increased adoption of digital technology, OPEX added scanning capabilities to its RED™ systems, starting with the AS3600i scanner. OPEX broadened its product line by adding the OPEX Eagle™ high-speed remittance processor and the Mail Matrix® mail sorter, which would eventually pave the way for OPEX’s breakthrough into the warehouse automation market. 2003 – Launched AS3600i Scanner 2005 – Launched Eagle™ 2007 – Launched Mail Matrix®
A collage of high-tech machines: a robotic sorting system, an automated pharmacy dispenser, and a data processing station.


In the 1990s, OPEX continued to grow domestically and expanded internationally into Europe. Demand for automation was high as customers wanted to keep up with new technology and economic growth, leading to more innovative mail-handling solutions from OPEX.

1990 – Offices in UK and France Open
1994 – Launched System 150
1994 – Acquired OMATION®
1998 – Launched MPS 40

Collage of four business people, industrial machinery, and the exterior of a building with a sign reading "OPEX".


In the 1980s, OPEX developed faster and more advanced versions of the RED mail opening and extraction system with the Model 45 RED, further improving customer mail operations. OPEX also began introducing new products, such as the Model 24 Flats Extraction desk for flat mail and the System 100 high-speed envelope opener.

1980 – Launched Model 45 RED
1983 – Launched Model 48 RED
1987 – Launched System 100

Three images of vintage office equipment; women operating machinery and working at desks with computers/calculators.


In the 70s, Al Stevens discovered OPEX mail automation during his time at Columbia Records. He soon took on the role of National Sales Manager for OPEX. Then in 1975, the Stevens were presented with the opportunity to purchase OPEX and began the Company’s successful turnaround.

1975 – Al and Joanna Purchase OPEX

Collage: 1) 2 people outdoors, 2) 3 women working at desks, 3) vintage mail processing machine ad, 4) mail sorting machine.
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Values and Principles that guide our culture

OPEX values and principles have guided our culture and how we do business since 1975 and continue to serve as our guideposts for the future.


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