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Achieve Inventory Compliance and Maintain Secure Medical Records

OPEX provides automation solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, focusing on securely managing inventory and patient information with utmost confidentiality. Our inventory solutions are adept at handling challenges such as controlled temperatures, fluctuating order volumes, and stringent inventory management. These solutions feature advanced electronic tracking to ensure precision and regulatory compliance with standards like the US Drug Supply Chain and Security Act (DSCSA) and the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD). Additionally, our digitization solutions assist the healthcare sector in securely digitizing patient records, prescriptions, and medical archives. It’s important to note that all patient information is encrypted during this process and is not stored by OPEX, ensuring maximum data security and privacy.


Seamless Order Processing and Compliance

Our automated systems are designed to process your orders precisely, prioritizing speed and accuracy. OPEX’s AS/RS and sortation systems are equipped with the tools necessary to enable electronic item tracing and comply with DSCSA and FMD regulations while minimizing errors. Our systems help streamline multiple steps, including sorting, tracking, picking, and packing for distribution and hospital replenishment.

A shelving system with various labeled medication bottles and containers in plastic trays.


Solution for Faster and Cost-Efficient Warehouse Transfers

OPEX’s cross-docking solution minimizes storage time and accelerates product transfers between warehouses, streamlining how pharmaceuticals move through the supply chain. This efficient approach accelerates inventory transfer and helps reduce storage and handling costs.

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Process Returns Safely

Our automated sortation systems help streamline reverse logistics in the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring items are accurately and efficiently sorted to the right channel for appropriate processing, whether for disposal or reintegration into inventory.

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Scalable Mailroom Solutions

OPEX offers reliable mail and parcel management solutions for incoming and outgoing mail and packages. Whether you’re looking for systems that can open, extract, and scan mixed mail or rapidly sort envelopes, flats, and packages, OPEX has a solution that will help your business now and in the future.

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Secure and Speedy Digitization

Our document imaging solution captures high-quality images and documents with minimal prep, including administrative paperwork, research studies, prescriptions, medical records, and invoices. OPEX’s CertainScan® software processes images at high speeds, performing edits and using robust image tools to classify and sort documents for more successful routing to your existing digital and physical processes. With OPEX’s document imaging solution, you’ll streamline administrative processes, lower operating costs, and increase efficiency.

A nurse in blue scrubs organizing documents in a drawer while holding a clipboard in a medical facility.


Simplify Medical Record Digitization

Keeping patient medical records up-to-date digitally can be daunting if the information is manually scanned and entered. OPEX has experience working with healthcare providers to scan medical records and archives securely and accurately. Our solutions require minimal prep and labor, allowing patient care to remain your number-one priority.

Rows of color-coded file folders organized tightly on shelves.

Integrating 2D Barcode Technology in Warehouse Automation Solutions

The DSCSA mandates 2D barcode traceability from inbound to outbound. OPEX has enhanced its automation solutions to capture GTIN, unique serial number, expiration date, and LOT number.

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“The perfect pick system is part of the whole idea of this campus – to provide efficiency and enhanced customer service to our customers.”

Bill Kullback

CFO, BioLegend


Unlock Operational Efficiency with OPEX

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