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Solutions Designed to Simplify Workflows, Reduce Costs, and Enhance Customer Service

Banking and finance companies are familiar with challenges around aging infrastructure, high turnover, and intricate workflows; OPEX offers a transformative solution. Our innovative approach streamlines document and mail handling processes, driving efficiency and productivity. By enhancing the customer experience and significantly cutting overhead costs, OPEX’s solutions deliver tangible, measurable benefits to your business operations.


Capture Payments Quickly and Securely

Process checks and payments faster and more efficiently than before with OPEX’s remittance processing systems. From high-speed, high-volume check processing to streamlined mail opening and scanning workflows, OPEX offers advanced systems designed to capture check images while validating and securely reading magnetic and optical MICR data, all while integrating with your existing software. Our solution helps speed up processing times and provides measurable cost savings by reducing overhead.

Person operating a machine to scan or process checks, with several checks placed on the machine's tray.


Streamline Document Processing Workflows

Document processing is often painfully labor-intensive and time-consuming. OPEX can help simplify workflows with advanced automation systems. Our production scanners, powered by OPEX CertainScan® software, handle various document types, sizes, and conditions while virtually eliminating document prep and minimizing manual handling.

A large stack of documents and folders on a desk with a computer monitor displaying a bar graph in the background.


Create High-Quality Images of Financial Records and Archives

Every organization has valuable physical records and archives that need to be kept for future reference. OPEX offers archive scanning solutions that can capture high-quality images of delicate or damaged records for use in your database. This not only improves searchability and retrievability for audits or regulatory inspections but also saves on the amount of real estate needed to store physical documents. By scanning records and archives, you also increase the safety of your records in case of natural disaster.

A close-up of multiple cardboard file boxes stacked, each with paper documents partially visible in front slots.


Simplify Mail and Parcel Handling

OPEX transforms your mail and parcel management, accelerating your processing with minimal labor. Our sophisticated systems effortlessly handle customer mail, from opening and extracting to scanning envelopes and their contents, perfect for efficient payment processing. Process mail and parcels at remarkable speeds and elevate your business performance and customer satisfaction.

A stack of brown padded envelopes and cardboard packages in various sizes are piled up on top of one another.
Close-up of complex industrial machinery with numerous gears, rollers, and electronic components inside a manufacturing plant.
“The OPEX® one-touch scanning

process combined 5 steps into one, reducing the processing times to open, prep and scan the returns and providing impressive cost savings to the bottom line.”

Darcy Pyle

Director of Taxpayer Services Division at Georgia Department of Revenue


Unlock Operational Efficiency with OPEX

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