At Arbor Day Foundation, Automation is the Answer to Complicated Nonprofit Payment Streams

“OPEX and Mavro’s technology are key to our success. They let us prioritize our processing to get the maximum impact from our most generous donors.”

Dan Hoien, Processing Manager, Arbor Day Foundation

The Background

The Arbor Day Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit conservation and education organization. Founded in 1972, It is the largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to tree planting and has planted more than 500 million trees across more than 50 countries. The Foundation’s programs are supported by members, donors, and corporate sponsors that share the same vision of a healthier and greener world.

The Challenge

Arbor Day Foundation was experiencing significant variations in their daily mail volumes, which created challenges in personnel management. The manual system for opening, categorizing, and sorting incoming mail, then extracting payment and donor information from the documents, and entering it into donor databases was labor-intensive. This process made it difficult to keep up with changing volumes.

Key Challenges

Peak mail volume is 12 times their average daily volume

Heavy reliance on temporary staff to handle high mail volumes

Payments for 45 programs containing member and campaign information

The Solution

The Arbor Day Foundation introduced a flexible, automated payment processing system from OPEX® and Mavro® Imaging. Three OPEX Falcon+ RED scanners with Mavro’s Smart Batching™ technology reduced the Foundation’s processing steps by 60%. Automation greatly reduced the need for temporary staff to handle high mail volumes and increased transaction processing by 300 per hour over their previous record. Additionally, image-based workflows mean paper documents don’t need to be transported between departments, saving physical storage. End-to-end tracking gives full visibility into transactions and real time monitoring ensures even the highest volumes are processed with ease.

Key Results


Less manual mail handling


Maximum throughput achieved


Minutes to train an employee on the OPEX Falcon+ RED

“The stack feeder on the new Falcon+ RED scanners makes our lives so easy. We can achieve maximum throughput with just a few minutes of user training.”

Dan Hoien

Processing Manager, Arbor Day Foundation

The Future

The Arbor Day Foundation is in a better position to leverage the OPEX and Mavro solution to support all Foundation programs. With the new automated payments system, the team at the Foundation is able to quickly train new team members, and is now equipped to handle peak volumes.

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