Tailor-Made Next-Generation Solutions

OPEX® recognizes the uniqueness of each business and offers personalized professional services to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. This includes a comprehensive range of services specially designed for our clientele, from workflow analysis to installation and job setup, training, maintenance, and technical support.


Leverage OPEX’s cutting-edge hardware and software solutions to increase throughput, enhance efficiency, and achieve cost savings. Benefit from our thorough pre-sale and post-sale workflow analysis, tailored installation and workflow realization through customized job setup, and comprehensive training services to elevate your operational capabilities.


Elevate your efficiency with OPEX’s detailed assessment of your current workflow and needs. Our analysis is instrumental in developing a solution configured to align with your critical performance indicators.


Experience tangible benefits with our specialized automation solutions. Utilizing data from the workflow analysis, our solutions and professional services team will project an estimated Return on Investment (ROI), factoring in the savings from reduced labor, resources, or space requirements realized from the recommended solution.


Efficiently integrate your existing systems with OPEX’s solutions, enhancing your downstream processes. Our professional team collaborates closely with your technical staff to ensure a seamless integration process.


Enjoy the experience of an installation team that keeps your requirements front of mind. Our expert team will meticulously plan, implement, and validate the installation of the solutions specifically designed for your evolving business needs based on a detailed workflow analysis.


Maximize the benefits of your automation system with our extensive training programs. Our professional services team, in collaboration with your account executive, provides on-site training for your staff, as well as interactive courses at our New Jersey office or via remote sessions to enhance your operational efficiency.

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OPEX's Advantages

1,100 Systems Installed Worldwide

450+ Trained Service Technicians

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Dedicated OPEX Team

Ensure smooth operations with our in-house team of professionals, encompassing services from technical learning to installation and support. Our commitment to not using subcontractors guarantees a seamless, comprehensive service experience.

Customized Solutions for Unique Needs

Discover the ideal solution for your specific operational requirements with our extensive custom workflow analysis. We acknowledge the distinct needs of each business and are dedicated to finding the most effective solutions to meet your needs and best achieve your objectives.

“The OPEX engineer is one of the best I’ve seen. Brilliant.”

David Collings

General Manager, Legastat

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OPEX® delivers bespoke automation solutions, enhanced efficiency, and cost savings through comprehensive analysis, customized installations, and targeted training, all supported by a dedicated in-house team.


Unlock Operational Efficiency with OPEX

OPEX is powering the future of automation. Contact us to learn more about how our vertically integrated automated solutions can help take your business to new heights.

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