Order Fulfillment

Tailoring Warehouse Automation to Perfectly Fit Order Consolidation and Fulfillment Needs

When accurate order fulfillment is critical, OPEX understands your unique challenges. Our innovative solutions are designed to manage a diverse range of products efficiently, smoothly handle the pressures of peak seasons, and integrate with your current systems. We focus on delivering accuracy and speed in order fulfillment and optimizing space in your warehouse while ensuring scalability and reliability. Our commitment is to provide you with sustainable, secure, and customer-centric warehouse automation solutions tailored to meet the specific demands of the retail sector.

Can you fully automate order consolidation, fulfillment, and takeaway?
For the first time, OPEX offers a fully adaptable, turnkey solution, Sure Sort® X with Xtract™. We developed this system to address labor shortage challenges by automating two key aspects of order fulfillment – rapid speed sortation through batch consolidation or wave-picked inventory. Xtract collects completed order contents and automatically unloads and dispenses the contents into a shipping container.
How do I handle items of varying sizes, shapes, and weights?

Perfect Pick, Infinity, Sure Sort, and Sure Sort X are the cornerstones of efficient inventory management. Perfect Pick optimizes SKU handling, enhancing picking accuracy and speed while improving inventory tracking and flow. Infinity enables precise inventory tracking and placement, reducing misplacement and enhancing overall efficiency. Sure Sort and Sure Sort X ensure quick and accurate item sorting, streamlining inventory flow and order fulfillment. Together, these solutions revolutionize inventory management in dynamic retail environments.

How can I keep up with my labor needs and reduce costs at the same time?

Perfect Pick, Infinity, Sure Sort, Sure Sort X, and Xtract all play pivotal roles in minimizing labor-related challenges in warehouse automation. Perfect Pick automates picking processes, reducing manual labor needs and enhancing operational efficiency while minimizing errors. Infinity revolutionizes storage and retrieval tasks with advanced automation, freeing up staff for higher-value activities and streamlining order fulfillment. Sure Sort and Sure Sort X automate traditionally labor-intensive sorting to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs, allowing workforce resources to be strategically reallocated for improved productivity.

To further automate order consolidation and fulfillment processes, Sure Sort X with Xtract automatically sorts and transfers completed orders downstream from the Sure Sort X system to solve labor shortages and reduce costs.

How can I ensure order accuracy?

Perfect Pick’s precision minimizes picking errors, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction by consistently meeting order accuracy standards. Infinity’s meticulous control virtually eliminates errors, ensuring accurate order fulfillment and high customer satisfaction. Sure Sort and Sure Sort X’s advanced automated sorting technology virtually eliminates mistakes common in manual sorting, guaranteeing order accuracy in retail warehouse automation.

How can our automation stay flexible, adapt to changing business needs, and be scalable to grow with the company?

Perfect Pick, Infinity, Sure Sort, and Sure Sort X are all designed with space optimization in mind. Perfect Pick utilizes vertical space effectively, allowing for increased inventory capacity without expanding the footprint. As operational needs change, you can easily adjust throughput by adding modules, iBOTs, and other components. Infinity is adaptable to spaces with columns, poles, and obstructions, making the most of available room with high-density, configurable storage. Sure Sort, Sure Sort X and Xtract have a modular design that effortlessly adapts and expands to meet evolving business requirements, handling various items and high-volume sorting while accommodating changes in product ranges and order volumes.

How can automation improve loss prevention?

Inventory safety and control are paramount in OPEX’s warehouse automation systems: Perfect Pick, Infinity, Sure Sort, Sure Sort X, and Xtract. In Perfect Pick, a closed-loop system is accessible only by operators at pick stations, ensuring secure storage. Cortex software enhances inventory control, reducing the chances of misplacement or loss during fulfillment. Similarly, in Infinity, Cortex software controls access and safely stores inventory within the system. Operators can only retrieve inventory through the presentation port, ensuring security. Sure Sort and Sure Sort X go above and beyond with comprehensive scanning and pack-to-light systems, significantly reducing errors and associated costs with misplaced items or returns in retail warehouse automation. Xtract takes this a step further, automating the retrieval of completed orders from the system, and dispensing items into the correct container without human intervention.


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A robotic device labeled "iBOT®" by OPEX® transporting a gray container in an automated warehouse system, seamlessly integrating with other automated warehouse delivery vehicles.

“OPEX was a true partner. Perfect Pick was installed and operational exactly as promised.”

Vic Ricci

Senior Vice President Operations,  J. Knipper & Co.


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