The Model 72™

Open Envelopes with Ease

Automated Mail Opening and Extraction System

Streamlining Mail Opening

Designed for streamlined, efficient mail opening, the OPEX® Model 72™ is the industry-leading automated mail opener and extractor. It uses OPEX’s unique milling cutting technology to open envelopes safely and then deliver and present them to the operator for easy content removal. Reach opening rates of up to 3,600 pieces per hour and sort the contents into bins as you remove them.

Meet Model 72

Worry-Free, Secure, and Efficient Mail Opening

Whether you receive hundreds or thousands of envelopes per day or substantially less, the Model 72 is there to streamline mail opening. By reducing mail opening time by up to 78%, the Model 72 helps you stay ahead of your incoming mail and increase the efficiency of your mailroom. 

Automatic Feeder

Model 72 is equipped with an automatic mixed-mail feeder. The feeder has a built-in jogger that moves contents away from the edge to be cut to minimize the risk of damage.


The Model 72 is equipped with OPEX’s unique milling cutting technology, which chips a small amount away from the envelope rather than using a standard blade to prevent damage to the envelope’s contents.

User-Interface & Performance Control Center

A simple user interface and LCD screen provide the user with system controls, envelope counts, printer controls, performance statistics, and diagnostics. Additional software options and the ability to connect the system to an external computer allow the user to connect to the network and view the status of multiple Model 72 systems.

Extract and Empty Envelope Verification Section

After opening the envelope, the Model 72 moves it down its path. Then, it uses two vacuum-powered suction cups to open the cut envelope at an angle for the operator to remove contents easily. After verifying the envelope is empty, the system automatically discards it.


Operators can use the system comfortably with easy access to the contents presented by the system, sort bins, the user interface, system controls, and discard bins. An optional lift system that allows for height adjustment and wheelchair accessibility.

Model 72
Dimensions (H x W x D)47 in x 76 in x 41 in
Envelope FeedingFriction-based feeder up to 22" of mail
Envelope Width3.5 in - 6.38 in
Envelope Length5 in - 11.5 in
Envelope ThicknessUp to 0.375 in
Cycle RateUp to 3,600 mail pieces per hour
Top CutterMilling
Additional FeaturesVerifier
Operator LCD
Integrated workstation
Tray Holder
Daily Duty CycleUnlimited
Popular Optional FeaturesErgonomic Desk Chair

Model 72
Dimensions (H x W x D)119.4 cm x 193 cm x 104.1 cm
Envelope FeedingFriction-based feeder up to 55.88 cm of mail
Envelope Width8.89 cm - 16.21 cm
Envelope Length12.7 cm x 29.21 cm
Envelope Thickness0.953 cm
Cycle RateUp to 3,600 mail pieces per hour
Top CutterMilling
Additional FeaturesVerifier
Operator LCD
Integrated workstation
Tray Holder
Daily Duty CycleUnlimited
Popular Optional FeaturesErgonomic Desk Chair

Find Out How Model 72 Can Improve Your Operations

Faster Opening, More Productivity

Model 72’s unique opening and extraction process will transform your mailroom, improving the efficiency of your processes and helping your staff to be more productive.



Handle Mail Efficiently

  • Model 72 reduces manual envelope handling and allows employees to focus on the rest of the process.
  • No need to rely on letter openers or blades to open thousands of envelopes.
  • Achieve a high throughput with opening rates of up to 3,600 envelopes per hour.


Open Mixed-Mail Easily

  • The Model 72’s self-adjusting feeder accommodates a variety of mixed mail.
  • Model 72 easily opens different-sized and overfilled envelopes with an adjustable milling cutter.
  • Envelope contents can be easily removed from the opened envelope presented to the system user.


Get Up-and-Running Quickly

  • Keep downtime at a minimum with smooth operations and diagnostic tools.
  • OPEX in-house service technicians are available to support your operations 24/7.
  • Hands-on training provided by OPEX helps staff start using the system quickly.


Open Mail Securely

  • Each system only needs one user to run, keeping mail opening and extraction in a central location.
  • Hand-offs are kept to a minimum, reducing the chances mail is misplaced or damaged.
  • User access controls limit who has access to the system.

“I can definitely tell you that it will end up paying for itself over the course of several elections. But nonetheless, with the election process, time is money. So if we can save time on the front end, it saves us money in the long run and that’s a true benefit.” 

Steve Harsman

Director, Montgomery County Board of Elections


Unlock Operational Efficiency with OPEX

OPEX is powering the future of automation. Contact us to learn more about how our vertically integrated automated solutions can help take your business to new heights.

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