Warehouse Automation

Efficiency. Productivity. Security. Reliability.


Achieve these operational goals, along with greater throughput and profitability, by automating your company’s picking and sorting processes.



Take a closer look at Perfect Pick and Perfect Pick HD-our scalable, game-changing goods-to-person solutions.



Explore Sure Sort, our single-item sorting solution.


Automating your warehouse is one the smartest investments you can make. It addresses many of the issues presented by people, processes and costs - all of which have a direct impact on how well you serve your customer.  However, automation is not for everyone and the real challenge is determining when and if it is right for your organization.

At OPEX, we design and build the fast, flexible and future-proof technologies that our customers rely on.  OPEX is dedicated to providing the highest quality products, and we stand behind them with one of the largest and most comprehensive service organizations in the material-handling industry today.