Innovative Cross-Docking Automation

We understand that modern warehousing can be challenging, especially cross-docking and store replenishment. That’s why we’re here to help. Our cutting-edge Sure Sort® and Sure Sort X systems are designed to make your life easier by addressing common pain points such as labor shortages, limited space, and supply chain disruptions. With our technology, you can rest easy knowing that your warehouse operates at peak efficiency with enhanced sorting accuracy, optimized space usage, and reduced error margins. Ship cases or pallets of inventory and break down the cases into smaller units that can be automatically sorted with Sure Sort and Sure Sort X for different store or distribution center locations. Trust us to transform your cross-docking operation, making it faster, more reliable, and cost-effective. Trust us to transform your cross-docking operations, making them faster, more reliable, and cost-effective.
Labor Challenges
By automating warehouse sorting processes, you can reduce physical strain on workers and the amount of labor needed overall. Sure Sort and Sure Sort X use OPEX® iBOT® robots to rapidly sort items into configured sort locations automatically. This increases efficiency and accuracy, allowing warehouses to manage labor resources more effectively.
Space Constraints

Sure Sort and Sure Sort X are ideal for cross-docking operations in warehouses with limited space, replacing up to six manual put walls. These systems have a compact, dense design that efficiently uses available space by accurately sorting items of varying sizes and types into a single, consolidated space. This enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of cross-docking operations in constrained environments.

Supply Chain Disruptions
Nonstop Updates

Sure Sort and Sure Sort X’s automated sorting capabilities enhance flexibility and adaptability in cross-docking to mitigate the impact of supply chain disruptions. These systems handle large shipments, which can then be easily broken down into smaller groups for easier delivery and maintenance of efficient operations, minimizing the impact on cross-docking efficiency. 


The OPEX Sure Sort and Sure Sort X systems use precise and automated sorting technology to reduce the risk of damage and errors in cross-docking. These systems' advanced scanning and sorting capabilities ensure high accuracy in item placement, contributing to a more reliable and error-free operation. 


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“The adaptiveness of the machine to give us a final solution and reduce labour is phenomenal.”

Tom Sinclair

Executive Director at Kookaburra


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