Mail & Parcel Management

Stop getting overwhelmed with managing all the mail and parcels coming into your office or warehouse.

OPEX® offers a variety of solutions that address challenges in mail and parcel sorting efficiency, digital mailroom operations, return mail processing, mail and parcel tracking, and handling large volumes. With OPEX’s mail and parcel management solution, you’ll achieve enhanced operational efficiency, reduce manual labor, and ensure scalability in mailroom processes.
Manual parcel and package sorting slows down your workflow.
Sure Sort® is a versatile and efficient solution for your parcel sorting needs, quickly, precisely, and efficiently sorting parcels up to five pounds using iBOT® wireless robots. It reads the label and barcode on the parcel and then delivers it to an assigned sort location. Sure Sort is perfect for businesses looking to boost throughput and efficiency in their operations, especially during peak times. The system is modular and easily scalable with additional expansion modules and iBOTs to support throughput needs.
Manual mixed-mail sorting slows down your workflow.

Mail Matrix quickly and precisely sorts mixed envelopes, small parcels, flat mail, and magazines to an array of sort locations using iBOT wireless robots. The system captures information from the address on an envelope and can compare it to your database, removing the need for manual data entry. Mail Matrix is modular and scalable, adjusting to changes in volume with additional expansion modules and iBOTs to support throughput needs.

Convert snail mail to digital mail quickly and efficiently.

Falcon+ RED, with its advanced OCR technologies, makes transitioning to a digital mailroom effortless, enabling accurate scanning and convenient digital storage. It facilitates rapid, location-independent mail distribution, boosting operational efficiency while minimizing physical storage needs. Complementing this, the Falcon+ STS system enhances mail tracking and user-specific processing for physical and digital mail. This adds an extra layer of efficiency and customization to your mail management solution.

Returned mail piles up quickly.

The Falcon+ RED system is an all-in-one solution for managing returned mail that can significantly improve efficiency and accuracy. With its integrated intelligent document scanner and OCR software, the system automates more than 70% of the manual processes usually involved in handling return mail. By quickly scanning and processing returned envelopes, the system captures all relevant data for address verification and updates. This automation reduces the need for manual labor and saves time and labor costs, leading to improved productivity and a quick return on investment. The Falcon+ RED system ensures that returned mail is accurately processed and promptly redirected, streamlining operations and minimizing future mail returns.

Sort fluctuating volumes of parcels and packages.

Our Sure Sort system is ideal for businesses facing diverse, high-volume parcel sorting and distribution needs. It efficiently sorts a wide range of parcel types and sizes up to five pounds by identifying the barcode on the label, including flat envelopes and boxes. Sure Sort adapts to changes in volume and is scalable, ensuring high-speed sorting that grows with your business and throughput needs. The system supports legal-for-trade weighing and dimensioning for parcels, ideal for Express and Parcel (CEP) carriers who do chargebacks for customers.

Handle different volumes of mixed-mail easily.

Mail Matrix is equipped with advanced OCR, barcode tracking technologies, and iBOT robots for high-speed, high-volume mixed-mail sorting. The system is easily scalable, supporting additional expansion modules and iBOTs to support growing volume. For streamlined, high-volume mail processing, Falcon+ RED combines envelope opening, extraction, and scanning. It handles various envelope types effectively, even in high-volume scenarios, making it a scalable solution for varied mail-handling needs.

Track mail once it’s delivered.

Falcon RED enables detailed scanning and digital mail conversion, providing a clear digital trail for each item processed. This enhances transparency in mail handling and ensures accurate tracking of documents. Falcon+ STS complements this by allowing for barcode tracking and decision-making on handling each mail piece. Mail Matrix aids in tracking and traceability by using intelligent iBOT robots for precise sorting. All these systems allow for accurate identification and categorization of each mail item, ensuring that each item can be tracked and traced through its journey in the mailroom, enhancing overall accountability and traceability in mail processing.

Free up your staff for more important tasks.

OPEX’s systems, Falcon RED, Sure Sort, and Mail Matrix, reduce the need for manual sorting, opening, and handling of mail and parcels. Automation allows staff to focus on higher-level tasks, improving overall operational efficiency. The ergonomic design of OPEX's systems also contributes to a safer work environment, potentially reducing labor-related injuries and improving job satisfaction. These efficiencies can lead to lower labor costs and more effective resource allocation.


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“Before this solution, three to five days was a typical cycle time to generate an electronic record for a piece of return mail. One business day is now considered normal.”

Dana Ojaniit

Return Mail Specialist, The Imagine Group


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