Taking the Right Steps to Digital Mailroom Success

45 min read

60-Second Summary

This Whitepaper is about the strategic steps businesses should take for the successful implementation of a digital mailroom. A digital mailroom is presented as a solution that digitizes incoming mail, turning paper documents into digital form, facilitating better management and distribution.  Emphasizing that transitioning to a digital mailroom requires a well-thought-out strategy to ensure that the process aligns with business goals and brings about enhanced efficiency and security.

Executive Summary

It’s estimated that by 2025, over 20% of employees in America will be permanently remote. Businesses and organizations everywhere are facing a new challenge – how to deliver physical mail quickly and efficiently to their remote workers without enduring the increasing costs of mail and labor. As remote working is becoming a permanent part of our everyday lives, more support is needed for how to handle this phenomenon.

This paper will discuss the benefits of deploying a digital mailroom solution and how to choose the correct scanner according to the needs of your organization to adapt to the remote working environment


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