Archive Scanning

Are you holding onto physical archives that lead to inefficiencies and higher costs?

Storing physical archives is costly and inefficient for businesses. However, digitizing archives solves this problem by reducing costs, improving searchability, and eliminating the need for physical storage space. Archive scanning provides a cost-effective and secure way to manage records, helping businesses stay competitive and adaptable.

Volume and Complexity of Documents

We know that managing large volumes of documents can be a challenge. Our scanners are quick, efficient, and can handle all sorts of document sizes and types, even those that are fragile. With advanced media detection and CertainScan® software integration, your documents are accurately processed, organized, and easily retrieved. So, if you're dealing with extensive or diverse document archives, our scanners help you focus on more important tasks.

Data Security and Privacy Concerns

Improve your records management by digitizing your archives. Creating digital copies of archives helps prepare for unexpected disasters and degraded records that could cause the loss of valuable information. OPEX scanners secure records, archives, and historical documents, helping guard against costly data breaches. Powered by CertainScan software, our scanners have the ability to provide audit trails with recorded operator interactions to help maintain transparency, thus allowing you to take complete control over your data management system.

Quality Control and Accuracy

OPEX scanners are reliable and efficient for scanning and archiving documents. OPEX Certain Scan® software enables real-time editing, customizable file formats, and metadata creation, enhancing the scanning process and ensuring accuracy and accessibility. With OPEX, you can be confident in the quality, accuracy, and efficiency of your digital document management.

Cost and Resource Allocation

It has become increasingly difficult for document-handling operations to find, hire, train, and retain labor. Labor shortages, tight budgets, and rising costs of resources make it challenging to create high-quality digital archives within a reasonable time frame while keeping expenses under control. By reducing document prep time and allowing for real-time editing, OPEX scanning solutions minimize the need for labor-intensive tasks. This significantly reduces labor needs and allows you to focus your existing staff on more valuable tasks.


Discover OPEX’s Range of Scanning Solutions

A crumpled plastic bag and a printed document on a scanning machine under a keyboard.
A close-up image shows a piece of equipment with the logo "FADGI" in blue on it. The foreground, slightly out of focus, reveals parts of the scanning machine used in warehouse automation.

FADGI-Capable Scanning Solutions

With the Federal Agency Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) taking effect June 30, 2024, most physical documents will no longer be accepted in U.S. government offices. Therefore, all existing records and archives must be digitized and FADGI compliant. OPEX offers FADGI-capable scanning solutions powered by an intelligent document imaging software suite to help ease this transition for BPOs and service bureaus. Our solutions increase productivity and efficiency while providing measurable cost savings by reducing processing times and saving valuable resources.

“We digitize everything. We have the widest capability to scan in Australia.”

Simon Harris

Managing Director, Scan2Archive


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