Scan2Archive Positioned to Embrace A Digital Future With The Solution From OPEX® And Smartech

Scan2Archive achieves a 2X increase in productivity after implementing the OPEX® Falcon® Scanner

The Background

Scan2Archive is an innovative document scanning service provider and business process outsourcer (BPO), providing quality accredited digitisation services mainly for accountants, hospitals, schools, state and local councils, and governments, with a background specialising in micrographics and film. Based in New South Wales, Australia, Scan2Archive is an Australian owned company that has been providing Scanning and Archiving services across Australia for 36 years. In addition to their imaging services, Scan2Archive also offers forms processing, data entry, and data capture while providing document security, industry compliance, and quality service for their customers.

The Challenge

While Scan2Archive has always provided reliable service to their clients, they realised that an inefficiency existed in their document imaging methods: Labour-intensive document prep constricted productivity and choked off their ability to scale operationally. Scan2Archive was using a traditional two-step digitisation process consisting of document preparation then scanning. For prep work, staples were removed and documents were repaired by staff separately, before scanning could take place. This limited their ability to grow their business since additional staff would be required to handle the immense amount of prep work for each job, all while their scanners sat idle. The high-speed scanners waiting at the end of this slow, manual process was wasted capacity.

Key Challenges

Prep work is more time consuming than scanning

Reliance on labour alone to handle prep work

Multi-step processing created inefficiencies and errors

The Solution

After an introduction to the OPEX® Falcon® scanners by Gary Avery from Smartech and rediscovering OPEX® online, Scan2Archive attended a live demo and invested in three Falcon® scanners. A combined prep & scan workflow emerged that aligned their labour resources with the capacity of the scanners. This was the key to unlocking an optimized and more efficient scanning process. This new process has enabled their business to grow without increasing overall headcount, resulting in a positive return on investment (ROI). Scan2Archive has achieved a 2X benefit in productivity and efficiency over their legacy scanning platforms. OPEX® Falcon® scanners are now the centerpiece of their operations, accounting for approximately 99% of all the documents imaged.

Key Results


Of all documents scanned on OPEX® Falcon®


Productivity and efficiency than legacy scanners


Falcon Scanners

“Moving forward, no longer will we allocate additional people at our document scanning process, we’ll throw a Falcon at it”

Simon Harris

Managing Director, Scan2Archive

The Future

As the global pandemic drove changes in their workplace, the OPEX® Falcon® scanning solution has positioned Scan2Archive to absorb the impacts of remote working and work from home environments, allowing staff to access documents instantly from anywhere at any time. Additionally, the Falcon®’s one-touch workflow creates the only safe, socially distanced scanning platform on the market. The continued growth of their business has also allowed them to increase their overall capacity to include the processing of inbound digital mail, leading to new business opportunities and customer value.

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