Enhancing the Digitization Process at Iron Mountain Government Solutions

"We are now able to give our government customers exactly what they need with ease and greater versatility. With our continued partnership with OPEX, we look forward to taking on more complex and unique projects to help support digital transformation."

Ashley Hawkins, Director of Digital Solutions Field Operations East, Iron Mountain

The Background

Iron Mountain Government Solutions (IMGS), a division of Iron Mountain, provides secure information management solutions to federal, state and local governments and higher education institutions across the United States. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Iron Mountain’s more than 24,000 employees are trusted by more than 200,000 organizations to digitize, store and protect highly sensitive documents and critical business information.

As government agencies and educational institutions strive to be digital and improve customer experience, many have limited resources available to address tedious file management and digitization of their mountains of paper. IMGS offers a variety of solutions to these entities for information management, including document digitization and digitalization. These solutions include Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to digitize documents plus capture and categorize data on a cloud based content services platform.

The Challenge

A major government agency came to IMGS with a large backlog of requests requiring expedited digitization of thousands of files a day across varying platforms and formats. Recognizing traditional high-speed and small overhead scanners would be too labor-intensive, IMGS sought enhanced scanning options to meet the customer’s needs and timeline.

Key Challenges

Labor-intensive scanning process in a very tight labor market

Agency understaffed to achieve critical mission services

Half a billion requests in backlog

The Solution

IMGS began with one OPEX® Falcon+® document scanner but soon added over 90 more scanners after the first system demonstrated a significant increase in image output. Since Falcon+ document scanners only need one operator to run and require minimal prep work to digitize documents of various sizes, thicknesses, and conditions, they were ideal for IMGS to handle older, fragile, and sensitive documents – some dating back to the WWII era.

By investing in OPEX equipment, high, urgent daily requirements were exceeded, plus this allowed the company to scale back on the predicted amount of labor needed to achieve the agency’s goals. By significantly reducing the number of people required, IMGS was able to maximize other projects that required additional support. Overall, the efficiencies gained helped the client enhance customer service and fulfill its complex mission.

Key Results


Overall gain in efficiency for the digitization process

Significantly reduced staff needed to service records for the government agency

(IMGS was able to reallocate staff to other projects)

Increased overall image quality, helping to deliver better results

“The knowledge and training OPEX provides is outstanding. We had employees up and running on the scanners within an hour.”

Ashley Hawkins

Director of Digital Solutions Field Operations East, Iron Mountain

The Future

With OPEX mail and digitization solutions in place, IMGS can expand its service offerings, including a new federal IDP contract to digitize more than 90 million government documents over a few months. By utilizing OPEX scanning solutions, IMGS will continue to securely deliver high-quality document digitalization for complex government agency projects. These efforts will help the government expedite its digital transformation goals while improving both employee and customer experience.

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