Perfect Pick®

Warehousing Elevated

Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)

Adaptable, Efficient, Secure Goods-to-Person Order Fulfillment

Engineered for high-density storage without compromising efficiency, Perfect Pick® is an automated storage and retrieval system that uses iBOT® wireless robots to deliver inventory directly to operators.

Meet Perfect Pick

Simplify Order Fulfillment Automation

Designed for today’s challenges and ready for tomorrow’s opportunities, Perfect Pick meets your unique business needs. Make the most of your unused vertical warehouse space with a fully configurable dense storage solution. With space savings of 8:1, Perfect Pick keeps up with supply chain disruptions and constantly changing customer demands by offering more storage for inventory, all within your current footprint.

Meet Perfect Pick HD

Transforming Large-Scale Warehouse Operations

The OPEX Perfect Pick HD, which stands for high density, revolutionizes large-scale warehouse operations with its exceptional storage density, allowing for a vastly increased inventory capacity within a limited space. It excels in high-speed order processing, significantly boosting throughput for operations dealing with high volumes of orders. Tailored for larger operations, the Perfect Pick HD combines space optimization, speed, and precision, making it an essential solution for modern, high-demand warehouse environments.


Perfect Pick iBOTs are wireless and self-charging robotic vehicles that navigate the system to find, retrieve, and deliver totes to an operator working at a pick station. Each iBOT holds up to 80 lbs.

A blue robotic device labeled "OPEX Perfect Pick®" with wheels and a flat base, designed for automated material handling and integrated seamlessly into an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS).


Totes securely store your items in the Perfect Pick system. They are available in different sizes to adapt to your inventory. Each tote can be subdivided or designed to hold cartons and boxes for flexible storage. Totes can be switched out for trays to hold your container while remaining easily accessible by iBOTs.

A gray plastic Perfect Pick® storage crate with multiple compartments, ideal for an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), on a plain white background by OPEX®.


Each Perfect Pick aisle contains racking that holds totes, allowing iBOTs to travel in the system and retrieve inventory. Build as high as 32’ and 200’ long to maximize the unused vertical space in your warehouse and reduce your footprint.

Automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) with Perfect Pick® robots from OPEX® navigating tall, metal shelving units.

Cortex Equipment Control System (ECS)

The brains of the operation, the Cortex Equipment Control System (ECS), guides item picking and replenishment to the system while tracking inventory levels. Perfect Pick’s API will also integrate with virtually any WCS system.

Image of a computer screen showing an interface for Cortex® by OPEX® with equipment management options and a displayed order summary, streamlining order fulfillment software processes.

Present Station

Operators don’t need to search an entire warehouse to search for items. When working at a present station, iBOTs deliver inventory directly to the operator. Each Perfect Pick aisle can have up to two stations, one at each end.

A white, industrial machine with "OPEX®" branding, a computer screen, and control buttons on the front, seamlessly integrates an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) for efficient operations. The product is called Perfect Pick®.

Workstation (optional)

The automated workstation keeps cartons moving toward the system on a conveyor for streamlined picking and replenishment with the push of a button.

Three connected workbenches with blue surfaces, metal frames, overhead light fixtures, and an integrated Perfect Pick® automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) by OPEX®.

Perfect Pick

Perfect Pick HD
LengthMin: 5.91 m - Max: 62.45 mMin: 5.91 m - Max: 62.45 m
HeightMin: 4.42 m - Max: 9.90 mMin: 4.42 m - Max: 9.90 m
Width2.74 m4.27 m
iBOTsUp to 30Up to 30
Storage Locations6,114
(20.32 cm H Totes)
(20.32 cm H Totes)
Cu. Ft. of Storage425.29 m3850.58 m3
Sq. Ft. of Storage182.83 m2266.54 m2

Perfect Pick

Perfect Pick HD
LengthMin: 19.4 ft - Max: 204.9 ftMin: 19.4 ft - Max: 204.9 ft
HeightMin: 14.5 ft - Max: 32.5 ftMin: 14.5 ft - Max: 32.5 ft
Width9 ft14 ft
iBOTsUp to 30Up to 30
Storage Locations6,114
(8 in H Totes)
(8 in H Totes)
Cu. Ft. of Storage15,019 ft330,038 ft3
Sq. Ft. of Storage1,968 ft22,869 ft2

Find Out How Perfect Pick Can Improve Your Operations

A Hub of Precision and Efficiency

Perfect Pick’s major components work together, providing a solution that makes the most of your space while enhancing efficiency.

Space Utilization


Run Operations 24/7

  • Perfect Pick and iBOTs are designed with no single point of failure, keeping downtime at a minimum.
  • iBOTs self-charge as they navigate the self-contained system and can be easily added or removed from the system.


Configure Inventory Storage

  •  Inventory storage that adapts to your workflow. With Perfect Pick, there’s no need to conform to an out-of-the-box solution.
  • Choose from various sizes of totes, trays, and bins that can be subdivided into slots to accommodate multiple SKUs.
  • High-density storage accommodates inventory overflow and higher stock levels, making planning for peak seasons or shortages easy.
Warehouse robots labeled "Perfect Pick®" by OPEX® efficiently move bins within an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), enhancing operational productivity.


Enhance the Customer Experience

  • Faster fulfillment times and higher throughput mean customers get their orders faster.
  • Guided operator picking provides secure inventory storage.
  • Orders are picked with fewer errors and damaged products.
A woman operates a machine in a warehouse equipped with an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), placing items into a Perfect Pick® by OPEX® box, while a computer screen displays product details.

Space Utilization

Maximize Your Existing Real Estate

  • Utilize vertical space to get inventory off the warehouse floor.
  • Perfect Pick provides secure, flexible, dense storage, saving valuable real estate space.
A woman operates a touchscreen at a tall automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) unit labeled "Perfect Pick®" by OPEX® in a warehouse.


Achieve a Fast ROI

  • Significant labor, time, and space savings plus higher throughput rates contribute to a fast ROI and higher profit margins.
A person operates a high-tech Perfect Pick® sorting machine from OPEX® in a warehouse, seamlessly integrated with an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), surrounded by computers and storage bins.


Scale Operations as Needed

  • Scale and grow operations as needed with Perfect Pick.
  • Expansion modules and iBOTs can be added to the system to accommodate more inventory and output without additional manual labor.
An automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) moves a gray bin labeled "Perfect Pick®" in a high-density warehouse storage facility by OPEX®.


Automate Inventory Control

  • Perfect Pick automates inventory control, ensuring optimal placement based on order frequency and volume.
  • Prioritize key products to ensure high-demand orders are fulfilled efficiently.
  • Stop wasting time searching for items.
Automated blue Perfect Pick® machines from OPEX® in a warehouse, aligned in rows and positioned on tracks with safety warning labels visible, form an efficient automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS).

“We selected Perfect Pick for multiple reasons, but the most important reason was scalability.”

Chuck Cornwell

GM and Senior Operations Manager, Newegg


Unlock Operational Efficiency with OPEX

OPEX is powering the future of automation. Contact us to learn more about how our vertically integrated automated solutions can help take your business to new heights.

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