Ballot Opening

How Can You Improve Your Process of Opening and Extracting Absentee and Mail-in Ballots?

OPEX’s mail-in ballot opening and extraction solution is designed to save time by helping open absentee and mail-in ballots quicker while achieving ROI faster. Our specialized milling-cutting technology and mail-opening systems are designed to help protect ballot integrity, significantly reducing the risk of damage to envelopes and contents.

Automating mail-in ballot opening and extracting compensates for challenges with tight deadlines, limited resources, and staffing shortages. OPEX’s automated ballot opening solution is a proven and trusted method used by many counties across the United States to meet deadlines and improve efficiency and productivity.

High turnover and staffing shortages are a constant challenge.

Finding and retaining temporary staff to open mail-in ballots can be challenging, especially before an upcoming election. Automating the ballot opening process reduces the staffing burden and allows the existing team to focus on the rest of the tabulation process.

Opening mail-in ballots by hand is very slow and time-consuming.

Manually opening mail-in ballots is time-consuming and often results in a time crunch before the election-day deadline. OPEX’s mail-in ballot opening solutions speed up the opening process by safely and accurately opening mail-in ballot envelopes up to five times faster than manual opening.

All my county’s mail-in ballots must be counted before the election day deadline.

Counties are often tasked with opening mail-in ballots in a short window before election day, and some states only allow opening to begin once mail-in ballots are received. OPEX’s mail-opening systems are designed to open mail-in ballot envelopes quickly and efficiently while keeping accuracy and integrity as top priorities.

I want to save more money for my county’s taxpayers.

Manually opening mail-in ballots requires valuable time and resources. Automating the process with OPEX’s ballot opening systems helps reduce the overall cost of vote-by-mail processing by limiting the temporary staff needed, even producing a fast ROI.

Manual mail-in ballot opening can risk damaging the ballot.

When opening mail-in ballots by hand, there’s a risk of accidentally slicing the ballot. Automating the process significantly reduces the risk while speeding up the process. All OPEX’s mail opening systems use milling cutting, which chips a minimal amount away from the envelope to protect the contents.


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“The integrity of the ballot is important. The extractor provided another layer of voter secrecy we didn’t expect.”

Tim Scott

Director of Multnomah County Elections


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