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OPEX’s remittance processing solutions help you process payments faster than before with automation, enhancing your workflow’s efficiency, improving customer service, and reducing day sales outstanding (DSO) time. From high-volume check processing to automated data entry, OPEX supports you throughout the entire process and solves many of your day-to-day challenges.

I need to process high volumes of mailed-in checks quickly.

When a payment is received you want it processed immediately, but processing high check volumes manually can take a significant amount of time. OPEX’s automated payment and remittance processing solutions help process high check volumes faster with more accuracy while reducing prep and pre-sorting. The OPEX Eagle processes up to 16,000 checks per hour while performing up to four transactions a second, helping you to stay on top of received payments and reducing your DSO time.

Manually processing payments and checks creates errors or causes delays.

When delivering best-in-class customer service, the last thing you want is for delayed payments or errors to happen. With OPEX’s remittance processing solution and systems, you’ll be able to process payments faster and more efficiently while reducing the risk of errors. The OPEX Eagle, Falcon+ RED, and Gemini help to accelerate payment processing by minimizing prep, presorting, and manual data entry with the ability to read MICR data and integrate with your existing backend software. OPEX’s solution can reduce manual mail handling by up to 90% and decrease mail processing times by up to 75%.

Operating costs are too high, and I need to lower them.

Manually processing payments contributes to high operating costs that eat away at your bottom line and profit margins. Automating your payment processing will help to lower operating costs by reducing the time and resources needed to process payments. OPEX systems can even provide a fast ROI by reducing resource use and increasing productivity, helping turn your cost into a profit center.

Staffing turnover is high, and I can’t rely on temporary employees.

High staffing turnover has become a common problem we’re all familiar with. From higher wages and incentive costs to sudden turnover, relying on manual labor alone to process payments is a daunting challenge that leads to delays. OPEX’s remittance processing solution can reduce the need for manual labor by 80%. Automating this process will help reduce reliance on manual labor and temporary employees to get the job done while allowing existing staff to focus on more valuable parts of the process.

I’m constantly juggling between different systems to process payments.

Stop juggling between systems to process one payment. Get a platform that does it all. OPEX’s remittance processors and scanners are designed to handle the process from beginning to end, from mail opening to data capture, all while integrating with your existing remittance software vendor.


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OPEX Falcon+ Scanner

“Implementation was truly effortless. The support and service we received during the transition period were outstanding. Opex’s on-site support team ensured that the implementation was smooth, even suggesting process improvements to provide the best imaging solution for our clients.”

Jacqueline Cash

Managing Director, CMS and IR


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