Document Imaging

How Can Document Imaging Boost Business Productivity?

OPEX’s document imaging solution is an innovative labor and time-saving platform for digitizing paper-based documentation, helping to streamline operations. By converting physical documents into digital images, businesses can reduce reliance on traditional paper-based processes, minimize the risk of document loss or damage, and improve efficiency.

Storing and managing digital images electronically makes it easier to access and share files with authorized personnel securely and timely. This helps organizations to save costs, optimize their workflows, and improve their bottom line.

I consistently face labor challenges.

OPEX scanners collapse the traditional prep and scan process into one seamless workflow, reducing the need for multiple workstations and scanning devices. This reduces labor needs by saving time otherwise spent on manual prep work, helping to accelerate downstream processes.

My file (document) prep is taking way too long.

Designed to manage large volumes of documents effectively, OPEX scanners significantly reduce the time and effort required in large-scale scanning projects. Our technology includes features that reduce manual document sorting and prepping, streamlining the end-to-end document capture process.

I need my digital documents to be secure.

OPEX's advanced scanning systems are designed to help improve the security and confidentiality of documents by minimizing prep and limiting who has access to information, and the 'One Touch' process allows the handling of original documents by one fully tracked operator.

I need technology that can integrate with my existing systems.

OPEX provides flexible scanning systems that seamlessly integrate with virtually any backend software during the scanning process, removing the need to jump back and forth between different software or devices.

I must improve accuracy and quality.

OPEX scanners capture precise, high-quality images, which is crucial for ensuring that digitized documents are clear and usable for downstream processes. OPEX’s intelligent CertainScan software performs robust image clean-up and data recognition during scanning to create high-quality work.

I need a solution that can fit my changing business needs.

Our range of products can be tailored to the specific needs of your business, whether it's a small-scale operation or a large, complex project. Our solutions are scalable, meaning they can accommodate growing volumes of documents as a business expands.


Discover OPEX’s Range of Scanning Solutions

A book is being scanned by an overhead scanner near a computer with a keyboard and mouse on a gray desk.
A close-up image shows a piece of equipment with the logo "FADGI" in blue on it. The foreground, slightly out of focus, reveals parts of the scanning machine used in warehouse automation.

FADGI-Capable Scanning Solutions

With the Federal Agency Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) taking effect June 30, 2024, most physical documents will no longer be accepted in U.S. government offices. Therefore, all existing records and archives must be digitized and FADGI compliant. OPEX offers FADGI-capable scanning solutions powered by an intelligent document imaging software suite to help ease this transition for BPOs and service bureaus. Our solutions increase productivity and efficiency while providing measurable cost savings by reducing processing times and saving valuable resources.

“We wanted to implement a scanner that didn’t just have one use.”

Lance Pelenato

System Admin – ASDOE-IDS Officer, American Samoa Department of Education


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