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Falcon RED

One-Step Scanning. Next-Gen Extraction.

Falcon® RED™ combines OPEX’s signature one-touch commercial document scanner with the most efficient mail opening and extraction unit on the market to take on the most difficult and daunting digital mailroom workflow challenges while significantly reducing labor costs.

Expanded Functionality. Unmatched Flexibility.

The Falcon RED enables operators to prep and scan documents in a single step. Simply load a broad range of intermixed envelope sizes and thicknesses onto the OPEX Model 72 Rapid Extraction Desk, remove the contents from the envelope, and drop the contents onto the conveyor. Scanned documents move into one of three programmable outsort bins or the pass-through bin for sorting large or delicate items.

Improved Efficiency. Increased Security.

With the Falcon RED, documents are handled once and converted to digital images for superior document integrity. As documents are removed from envelopes and scanned, operators view the digital images in real-time to ensure proper capture and identification. Should a rescan be needed, it can be done quickly and efficiently without disrupting the overall scanning process.

Key Features

Designed for Mixed Envelope and Document Scanning

Falcon RED, is the fastest and most efficient way to process payments and scan documents directly from the envelope.  It is ideal for digital mail centers, mail order, wholesale lockboxes, business process outsourcers (BPOs), payment processing centers, accounts payable, accounts receivable and shared services departments.

Operator Friendly, Ergonomic Design

Falcon RED provides efficient envelope opening with a milling cutter that produces a soft feathered-edge, eliminating potential paper cuts.  The optional motorized desk provides adjustable height settings for maximum operator comfort.  Falcon RED comes equipped with a 22-inch touch-screen monitor for enhanced viewing of scanned images and easy one-touch page-type classification.

Versatile Feeder Capabilities

OPEX’s specialized feeder provides a dynamic process that is proven to reduce prep and increase scanning accuracy. Patented drop-feed technology allows for efficient scanning directly from envelopes, while intelligent packet sensing capabilities adjust track speed for optimal throughput.  The high-capacity feeder handles large stacks of mixed document types making the need for additional high-volume production scanners unnecessary.  The Rescan Feeder is designed for fast and efficient rescans without disrupting the overall scanning process.

Prep-Reducing CertainScan 4.0 Software

OPEX’s feature-rich CertainScan software™ is the perfect complement to Falcon RED, providing auto-classification and the most intuitive way to visually classify documents as they are scanned.  The versatility of this platform allows users to maximize the many features of their OPEX scanner and minimize the preparation of documents prior to scanning.





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