The Harsh Reality of Document Scanning


At OPEX, our ability to deliver unique products that enhance efficiency and savings has placed us at the top of the industry.

Service Bureaus and Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) are constantly looking for new ways to decrease operating costs and add to their customer base. OPEX Corporation’s scanners slash labor costs by combining the prep and scan processes, providing a result that is faster than standard prep-only rates. These savings allow Service Bureaus to submit more competitive bids for new projects, increase profit margins, decrease headcount, and take on more work with the same number of people.

Because of the varied work they do, BPOs need versatile hardware that can handle the broad range of scanning their clients require. They also must be able to meet tight service level agreements (SLAs) for a wide range of clients. OPEX scanners handle the widest range of media and offer the most secure way to capture documents in the most timely manner. This enhances the ability to go after messier jobs, highly sensitive documents, and remittance work – all backed with the confidence that only industry leading equipment can provide.

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