Perfect Pick®

Perfect Pick® is a truly unique robotic goods-to-person picking technology that was engineered to simplify order fulfillment.

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Perfect Pick's "One Touch" Design is Based On A Single Automated Component - The iBOT


Perfect Pick® is truly unique. Perfect Pick’s “one touch“ design is based on a single automated component – the iBOT. Perfect Pick does not require lifts, conveyors, or multiple transfer points, which add complexity to the system. By eliminating these additional touch points and by streamlining the picking process, Perfect Pick increases throughput and results in a more reliable and cost effective system.


Perfect Pick’s revolutionary design also results in a more flexible and scalable solution that can grow at the actual rate a business grows. Perfect Pick offers retailers and manufacturers the opportunity to invest in automation to meet today’s fulfillment challenges, secure in the knowledge that it can quickly and easily adjust to often unpredictable future demands and business cycles. With the advent of Perfect Pick, businesses are now, for the first time, able to acquire highly flexible technology to process orders rapidly and accurately based on their current needs, rather than investing in what they think they might need 3, 5 or even 10 years out.

Implementing or upgrading an automated material handling system can be a daunting undertaking, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses that may not have the time, money, and other resources required to implement and support these large, complex systems. Perfect Pick offers a lower-cost, standalone system that can enable more efficient and accurate picking making automation feasible for companies that would have previously considered it beyond their reach.

Perfect Pick is a truly unique robotic goods-to-person picking technology that was engineered to simplify order fulfillment.

Unlike more traditional goods-to-person solutions on the market today, Perfect Pick is a self-contained, standalone point solution. A Perfect Pick aisle is comprised of modular, high-density racking along with a fleet of autonomous robotic delivery vehicles, iBOTs, which can access every storage location within their aisle – both horizontally and vertically. iBOTs deliver inventory directly to a workstation located at one or both ends of the aisle. This direct interface eliminates the need for complex conveyor systems or transfer equipment, such as elevators or lifts, which add complexity to the system. Perfect Pick’s traffic control software monitors the position of all iBOTs in the aisle and directs their movements to ensure full resource optimization and operational efficiency.