Document Imaging

Documents. Payments. File Folders. Envelopes.


Scanning paperwork and processing payments shouldn't bottleneck your operation. Digitize your physical documents easily with one-touch document imaging.



Easily prep and capture information from a wide variety of media.


Payment Processing

Process payments securely and efficiently.


Converting paper to digital records can be a complex and costly process. There are endless challenges that can eat away at your productivity. The harsh reality is that preparing ugly or unruly documents for scanning is the most time-consuming, tedious and costly part of the scanning process. During prep, each of these documents needs to be touched to check for staples, paper clips, folded items and sticky notes. Pieces are then unfolded, flattened, prepared, and taped onto larger sheets or photocopied. Some items even need to be marked for special image cleanup. This bottleneck can be eliminated: prep-reducing scanners are the better way.

Not only can the OPEX family of scanners and workstations help with scanning difficult documents, the FalconRED™ & FalconV RED™ allow the processing of checks together with their corresponding documents. They capture both images and data, read MICR, print an audit trail, and sort transactions containing checks and larger documents—all in a single pass. Transactions containing, singles, multis and checks only can all be processed intermixed - and right out of the envelope.  By eliminating unnecessary steps and easily creating data and image files, OPEX makes payment processing for the remittance market exceptionally profitable.