In today’s legal environment, the advantages of having paper documents in electronic format are tremendous.  The number of paper documents produced and gathered in discovery alone can be overwhelming and the resulting case files even more so. These relevant records can include anything from statements, spreadsheets, technical drawings, images and even hand written notes. They can span every facet of the legal process from client interviews to final case appeals.

Capturing these documents in a digital format significantly reduces the costs associated with manual filing, search and retrieval.  Security is greatly enhanced as risk of loss, damage, or theft is effectively prevented.  The ease of sharing files electronically for review saves time and reduces stress.

Finding an efficient, secure and effective way to scan these documents has been the challenge, until now.  Direct from the file folder, OPEX scanners can capture it all: From legal briefs, to traffic violations, to odd-shaped hand-written notes, to all of the mixed-sized documents in between.  There are no similar scanners on the market that provide the ability to capture mixed and messy documents as quickly, easily and with as little preparation as the Falcon™ and FalconRED™ scanners from OPEX Corporation.