Insurance Industry SolutionIn today’s information age, Insurers are being inundated with vital information via a number of communication channels.  Management decisions and customer care are dependent upon the timely assimilation and access to this data.  While software technologies continue to address e-communications such as faxes and mobile apps, the most common method of communication, incoming paper mail, has often been overlooked in process improvement reviews…until now.

In a recent white paper from Strategy Meets Action, Mark Breading wrote, "Digital capture is optimized when the document is captured as early as possible in the process."  Capturing these documents early in the process receives it's greatest efficiency when unnecessary labor components are also removed.

Traditional document scanning environments are overrun with excessive labor costs, long cycle times and a high risk of lost or stolen data.  OPEX Corporation’s proven one-touch scanning solutions allow insurers to get data into their systems more timely and securely while delivering a positive ROI. 

Learn how an upgrade to an OPEX Falcon®, FalconRED™, or Falcon® STS™ in your mailroom can improve your company’s bottom line and outlook for the future. 

“We operate at 99.5 percent accuracy, and a lot of that is due to the solution. Everything that is scanned is presented for review to an employee in case a document is misclassified, but it is not very often that we have to reclassify a document. The machines and the software are doing their jobs exactly as they were designed.”
Manager of Consolidated Mail Services, Dentegra Group, Inc.

“Our claim staff has been able to focus more on settling claims rather than administrative tasks related to paper handling,”
Senior Systems Programmer, Property and Casualty Insurer

"In three minutes, mail goes from receiving to scanning and is routed to the end user in about ten to fifteen minutes leading to a quicker turn around time for customers"
Hastings Mutual Case Study