Sure Sort™

Sure Sort™ is a robotic "each" or "piece" sorter that easily handles complex variables and delivers a wide variety of items into a compact array of order bin locations in a single pass.

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Today’s Sort-To-Order Challenge

Whether replenishing store inventory or picking direct-to-consumer orders, today’s ever-changing retail environments demand highly efficient and agile order fulfillment solutions. Warehouses and distribution centers that once exclusively handled pallets and cases are now handling an ever-increasing volume of small multi-line orders.

Batch and wave picking have greatly improved the effectiveness of picking operations by reducing workers’ travel time and increasing throughput. However, once items have been picked, they must then be sorted to individual orders or replenishments. Because of the various sizes and shapes of the products that make up an order, sorting these items efficiently remains the bottleneck.

Sorting individual items into orders can be a labor-intensive and manual process that requires too many steps and way too many touches. Current sorting methods tend to be inefficient, expensive, and prone to error. Valuable warehouse space is wasted on conveyors that merely transport these items to the next sort location.

The Future Of Sortation Technology

Introducing Sure Sort™, a highly scalable, configurable, and cost-effective small item sorting system. Designed and manufactured by OPEX Corporation, Sure Sort is a robotic item sorter that easily handles complex variables and delivers a wide variety of parcels and single items to their final location in a single pass. Sure Sort’s compact array of sort locations can be scaled, sized, and customized as well.

Touted as Next Generation Technology, Sure Sort delivers true operational excellence. By reducing the number of touches, transfers, and conveyors required to run existing sorters, Sure Sort provides a better way to sort items more accurately and efficiently. Regardless of size, packaging, or orientation of an item, Sure Sort will read every barcode and deliver each item in a single pass.

Sure Sort is smart automation based on proven iBOT® delivery technology; the same technology that drives the OPEX Mail Matrix® and Perfect Pick®. Designed with ergonomics in mind, Sure Sort is ideal for small businesses looking for a cost-effective entry into warehouse automation as well as large fulfillment operations looking to streamline their process.

Installing quickly and easily, Sure Sort is highly scalable in both size and throughput. Simply add expansion modules and iBOTs to adjust to growth and peaks in demand.

How It Works

Replenishment and wave or batch picked orders are delivered to a Sure Sort induction operator located at an ergonomically designed workstation. Items are placed on a drop conveyor and scanned. A waiting iBOT delivers the item to a designated order bin located on either side of a dense storage aisle.

iBOTs are directed by Sure Sort's host software in conjunction with virtually any warehouse automation management system. Sure Sort delivers all items to their assigned order locations accurately and easily in a single pass at up to 2,400 items per hour. Sure Sort provides the greatest number of sort locations in the smallest footprint.

Once the order is completed, the bin is cleared and the order tote or shipping container is transported to a packing station in preparation for shipment.

From order sorting or replenishing to pack out and delivery, Sure Sort is sure to fulfill your expectations.