Upskilling and education means happier employees

OPEX believes in their people and invests in their training and education. Whether you have a corporate role or on our production floor, we provide a variety of educational opportunities. If you want to pursue a higher education degree or professional certificate, we offer tuition reimbursement. Maybe you are an individual contributor who yearns to manage people, we have professional development programs. Perhaps you aspire to operate some of our more complex machinery, we offer free skills training to employees—helping them further their careers in high-paying, in-demand roles such as computer programming. Listen to Ricky Nece describe how he’s taken advantage of all OPEX has to offer.*

Education Reimbursement*

OPEX encourages employees to improve their education and skills by offering tuition reimbursement for approved degree programs, special skills seminars and certification programs.

Development Training*

OPEX offers training to help employees learn additional professional skills to not only improve performance in your current job role but also help you succeed in the future.

Vocational Training*

By offering hands-on training to employees, OPEX allows you to learn new skills to help broaden your skillsets to help you advance your career path.

*This is for US employees only. For information about education and training outside the US, please email our International Office.