8 Must-Haves on Retailers’ Black Friday Shopping List

The holiday rush will be here before you know it; take time now to ensure your DC — and workers — are properly equipped and trained.


Increase the Value of Your Mail Center

In most companies, the mail center operates behind the scenes. Mail arrives at a facility and the team works hard to sort and deliver this mail to employees across the organization.  However, most people outside of the mailroom don’t understand the whole process or even what happens between when mail arrives at the facility and when it lands on their desk — as such they may miss the added value they could build into, and receive from, their mailroom.


5 Essential Warehouse KPIs You Should Be Measuring

KPIs give warehouses the visibility needed to identify problems and spot trends that otherwise turn into customer complaints and missed opportunities.


Not All Mailrooms Are Created Equal

As companies look for ways to improve data management and analytics while reducing costs and eliminating paper-based processes, the mailroom is increasingly a target of attention. A significant amount of essential enterprise data flows through the mailroom (along with payments and packages), making its operations key in digital transformation initiatives. 

The mailroom also holds a unique position in corporate lore — the place from which many successful executives claim to have worked their way up. (Of course, many successful executives really did work in the mailroom — with the mailroom at the William Morris Agency being a particularly favorite place for future billionaires to congregate.)


Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing and Warehouse Environments

The benefits of AI for manufacturers and supply chain companies are many, but few have figured out a way to leverage it.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a concept that researchers have been exploring since the 1950s, but it began gaining traction through science fiction movies like HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey, and later via real-life innovations like IBM’s Watson.


How Lean Practices Can Drive Savings in the DC

Implementing Lean practices balanced with ergonomic requirements is a smart way to improve productivity while also reducing fatigue and injuries.

Lean manufacturing and Lean production methods help companies drive new efficiencies across their operations. This approach has proven so successful, that companies have been porting these same Lean principles to other operational areas, including the supply chain and the distribution center (DC).


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