Scalable Storage and Retrieval to Match Warehouse Progressive Demands

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60-Second Summary

This white paper discusses the evolution and necessity of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) in modern warehousing, driven by the exponential growth of e-commerce and the demand for efficient, scalable storage solutions. It highlights the challenges of the 21st-century warehouse, including space optimization, labor shortages, and meeting customer expectations for fast delivery. The Infinity AR/RS system by OPEX is presented as a solution, offering scalable, flexible, and efficient storage and retrieval to meet these challenges, emphasizing its role in improving warehouse productivity and adapting to future demands.

Executive Summary

Ecommerce continues to grow exponentially and the demand for goods to move through the supply chain network at lightning speed has become the norm. A need for solutions that handle increasing volumes, adapt and upgrade existing operations, improve processes, and maintain accuracy has become a necessity for success in the warehouse.

This white paper explores the 21st century warehouse and its operation in light of the growing demands placed upon it in today’s business environment. This demand has created a disruption in traditional warehouse practices and is pushing operations to their breaking point. We explore the factors necessitating the move to automation and how automation should be executed to leverage current processes. We offer a solution that responds to fluctuating market demands both today and in the future, thereby maximizing the warehouse space to achieve profitability.



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