Modular Automated Mail Extractor

The OPEX MPE 7.5 Multi-Purpose Extractor is a fully automated solution for the high-volume extraction of windowed and non-windowed envelopes with varied sizes.



The OPEX MPE 7.5 Multi-Purpose Extractor is a fully automated solution for the high-volume extraction of windowed and non-windowed envelopes with varied sizes. Built for speed and flexibility, the MPE 7.5 can be configured in either an "L" or a "U" shape, depending upon space requirements. The MPE 7.5 automatically opens, extracts, sorts and presents mail, with a processing speed of up to 7,500 mailpieces per hour. The modular design of this machine makes this mail extraction equipment an effective choice for a variety of mail processing needs.

Capabilities and Function

The proven technology of OPEX offers the following enhancements:

•Envelope Feeder & Conveyor: ensures that material is fed smoothly into the transport
•Check Orienter: places checks and documents according to the user's desired orientation
•Thickness Detector: that identifies extra correspondence, folded checks and other items to be outsorted
•Metal Detector: for staples, paper clips, coins or other metal items to be outsorted
•Transport System: provides smooth feeding of envelopes through the machine
•Three-Sided Cutters: milling cutter opens mail and secures envelope contents
•Extractor & Extractor Verifier: removes envelope contents and confirms successful extraction
•Content Reunite: reunites the contents of the envelope in an outsort bin
•Four-Bin Programmable Stacker: modular design depending upon customer mailroom automation requirements


As a leading manufacturer of mail extraction equipment, OPEX offers the MPE 7.5 Multi-Purpose Extractor for incoming mail extraction. The system is designed to automatically extract prequalified checks and documents from windowed and non-windowed envelopes for efficient document processing. The following enhancements make the 7.5 an effective, automated mailroom solution:

•Envelope Qualifier: offers thickness detection and metal detection.
•Thickness Detector: Identifies additional correspondence, folded checks and exceptions/outsorted mailpieces.
•Extraction of Uniform Documents & Checks
•Extraction & Stacking of Multi-Document Transactions
•Extraction & Stacking of Three-Piece Transactions
•Tall Mail Processing: Including 6.4"
•Advanced jam control
•Sort Module: Detects for metal and thickness for exception processing
•Thick Stack: Removes envelope contents for stacking, including 12 paper thicknesses
•Refeeder: Required for batch tickets and exception processing for the IEM
•Orienter: Places checks and documents into appropriate position
•White Mail Processing: Handles both windowed and non-windowed envelopes, with different lengths and heights

Optional Module (as shown in photo above)

•Image Export Module: Provides image capture of checks and documents for immediate pass-off by a network connection.
•Selective milling cutter
•Reduced bin requirement to gain space efficiency, saves time and money
•Choice of three MLOCR engines
•Flexible printer option, with date, time or custom barcode capabilities
•Configurable keywords, such as PO Box or customer account
•Routing and Transit sorting
•Content Imaging Module: sorts based upon POSTNET barcode reading, change of address notification and mark detection, using an image camera.
•Document Orientation Module: Orients up to three documents per transaction for white mail by using an image of individual documents.
•Document Reorder Module: Allows accurate sequencing of windowed and non-windowed envelopes, such as check before document or document before check.
•Envelope Imaging Module: Provides the flexibility to run one job with three different types of envelopes, during the same pass