Our Principles

In 1993, Al Stevens took a planning group to an off-site meeting to address the future of the organization. The planning group was comprised of representatives from various departments within OPEX.

The assignment was to identify the basic ideas, or principles, that would help explain the success of the company. In the four years leading up to this task, OPEX had moved to a new location and had introduced several new, exciting products to the marketplace. It truly was the appropriate time in the history of OPEX for the founders to formalize these principles so they could be communicated to the rest of the OPEX family.

Those who participate in the day-to-day activities at OPEX will be the first to confess that we have not always lived within the boundaries of the Nine Corporate Principles. After all, we are not perfect. We make mistakes. Be we will also readily admit that these “principles” keep calling us to live within their boundaries. Our hope is that they are more than words decorating our office walls and coffee mugs.