OPEX® UK Innovation Centre Connects Customers Around the World to State-of-the-Industry Mail and Document Automation Solutions

May 6, 2021

MOORESTOWN, NJ – May 6, 2021 – OPEX Corporation, a leading provider of innovative warehouse, mail and document automation (DMA) solutions worldwide, has opened a new facility where customers may view and interact with OPEX technology that provides seamless mail opening and document imaging.

“The new UK Innovation Centre is a space to demonstrate the mail and document automation systems we offer so customers better understand how our technology benefits their business,” said Shaun Lee, OPEX Director of Operations for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). “At present, we are providing demonstrations virtually and will open to in-person visits safely after COVID restrictions are eased.”

Located in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England, the UK Innovation Centre is adjacent to existing OPEX office space and will be staffed on demand for demonstrations to potential customers, as well as to test, fine-tune and troubleshoot technology with existing customers and product resellers.

“Customers provide samples of the documents they need to digitise and automate, and we provide an in-depth, end-to-end demonstration of our solutions in action in an environment where things can be simulated to reflected the customer’s actual environment,” said Lee. “The UK Innovation Centre facility is also equipped with state-of-the-art video conferencing technology so customers can participate in demonstrations remotely from anywhere in the world.”

OPEX’s DMA solutions include seamless mail sorting, opening and document digitisation technologies designed to improve business workflow and throughput while significantly reducing or eliminating labour-intensive document prep.

“There has been a real growth spurt within the company over the last two years,” said Scott Maurer, President, OPEX International. “We have been growing our facilities, talent, and infrastructure to meet the growing automation needs of our customers. The UK Innovation Centre is one more way we are evolving to give our customers the assistance they require.”

As more businesses move to securely and efficiently digitise their paper documents, innovative OPEX solutions such as the Falcon® Scanner Series help customers easily process different thicknesses of paper, handle fragile or damaged documents without pre-sorting, and scan X-rays and three-dimensional objects, saving time and money. The technology ensures safe and secure document transformation that makes sense, guarding against costly data breaches.

Medical and personnel records are a large part of OPEX’s document imaging customer base across the EMEA division. The National Health Service in the UK, Social Security in France, and private medical providers in Germany are prominent customers.

For more information about OPEX technology solutions in EMEA visit digitiseyourdocuments.co.uk or request a virtual demo by contacting [email protected].

About OPEX

OPEX Corporation provides Next Generation Automation, including warehouse, document and mail automation solutions, to customers around the globe. With headquarters in Moorestown, NJ – and facilities in Pennsauken, NJ; Plano, TX (Dallas metro); France; Germany; Switzerland; and the United Kingdom – OPEX has more than 1,300 employees committed to reimagining and delivering innovative, scalable, unique technology solutions to solve the business challenges of today.