OPEX® and Eco-Mail Modernize Physical B2B Mail for Top Bank

April 11, 2019

NEW YORK, April 11, 2019 — OPEX Corporation, a recognized global leader in innovative scanning and mailroom automation technologies, and Eco-Mail, a leader in supplying digital mail solutions, have partnered to provide an industry-leading digital mail solution to one of the top three banks in the United States.

The solution will eliminate virtually all distribution of inbound paper mail for this multi-national bank, while modernizing data extraction and workflow processing throughout their lines of business. OPEX® and Eco-Mail have delivered a digital mail solution that uniquely addresses the full range of pain points – spanning all mail types across all departments.

Once the mail is scanned using the OPEX FalconRED®, a universal document scanning workstation, Eco-Mail’s platform transforms the images of the physical documents into sophisticated digital assets, powered by OCR and RPA technologies. Collectively, the solution:

  • Drives significant cost savings;
  • Improves flexibility & turnaround time;
  • Enables document transparency;
  • Increases data capture quality; and
  • Enhances audit & compliance controls.

Within many industries, delivered mail remains a significant source of business-critical communication. The annual volume of first-class mail delivered in 2018 exceeded 56 billion pieces. In otherwise modern and digital organizations, inbound physical mail continues to drive significant cost, risk and inefficiency.

Mark Smith, Director of Strategic Alliances for OPEX, says, “We’re excited to be working with our partner, Eco-Mail, to deliver a solution that modernizes the mailroom. The FalconRED® platform combines our innovative one-touch document scanner with the most efficient mail opening and extraction unit on the market. With this solution, the bank is going from sealed envelope to imaged contents in a single step.”

Jay Maller, Founder & CEO of Eco-Mail, says, “Eco-Mail’s EMX Enterprise was designed to extend the benefits of scanning and data extraction. By incorporating distribution and robotic process automation technology, EMX Enterprise reduces the labor, time and cost to process physical mail while enhancing audit, compliance and process controls.”

Maller continues, “The net result is a data-driven platform for paper mail, enabling the benefits of digital transformation that organizations demand from every segment of their business.” By working with OPEX, Eco-Mail was able to create a seamless bridge between physical and digitized mail, reduce prep time, enhance mail tracking and tightly integrate the hardware and software solutions.

“OPEX’s dedicated FalconRED® dramatically increases the efficiency of opening and scanning mixed mail types,” notes Maller.

As businesses worldwide strive for digital transformation, and as the definition of the traditional office is redefined, the costly process of physically sorting and delivering mail is being replaced by technology-driven digital mailroom solutions. This combination of OPEX and Eco-Mail provides organizations the flexibility to quickly route vital paper-mail-based information to decision makers with the speed and efficiency of digital.

“In working with a global financial institution,” says Maller, “we knew we needed to partner with OPEX to deliver the maximum efficiency and reliability. We look forward to working with OPEX on a broad range of implementations, across industries. With OPEX’s excellence in hardware and Eco-Mail’s excellence in software, we can drive complete digital transformation of physical mail for our clients.”
About OPEX

OPEX Corporation is a recognized global technology leader in high-speed mailroom solutions, document imaging, and warehouse automation. Since 1973, OPEX has provided performance-enhancing workflows and cost-effective results to thousands of organizations around the world. Today, OPEX systems are installed in financial services, healthcare, government, non-profit, utility, service bureau, insurance, telecommunications and university/educational marketplaces around the world. For more information visit, devopexcom.wpengine.com
About Eco-Mail

Eco-Mail is the leading, scalable platform for transforming physical mail into digital assets, enabling electronic distribution, delivery, accountability, and integration with existing systems. By approaching physical mail as a strategic problem, Eco-Mail delivers company-wide benefits, far beyond the mailroom. With the EMX Enterprise solution, Eco-Mail drives major cost savings, improves audit and compliance controls, and makes entire businesses faster, more flexible and more customer responsive. To learn more about Eco-Mail, visit www.eco-mail.com


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