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CertainScan 4.0

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OPEX Corporation’s CertainScan™ lies at the core of every one of their labor-savings document scanning workstations.  CertainScan 4.0 provides more feature-rich functionality, additional power and greater performance than ever before.  Not only do users have access to the most intuitive way to capture, classify and sort documents, they are now able to index unique fields on documents, edit live and suspended batches, convert images and metadata to map to their workflows, and so much more.

Capture, Classify, Index & Sort During Scan Time

CertainScan provides a high quality process for imaging and inputting of metadata in a single touch with up to 12 page type classifications.

At the most basic level, user-defined metadata fields can be mapped from any OCR, MICR or barcode found on a page.  Operators can also enter data points during scanning or editing. CertainScan 4.0 offers up to 20 unique index fields that displays and passes this data regardless of where on a page it is obtained or entered by a scanner operator.

Edit Live or Suspended Batches During Scan Time

Using CertainScan edit™, the editing of batches while scanning is now permitted. The ability to copy and paste pieces has also been added to the editor. All of the metadata and snippets are duplicated at their designated destination.

Editing options include:

• Cleanup editing – recover an interrupted batch

• Metadata editing – only the metadata may be edited

• Full advanced editing – pieces may be inserted, deleted, moved, etc.

Uniquely Transform Data and Images

OPEX Transform™ software provides a configurable utility that converts OPEX standard output files (OXI & ODI) into XML and ASCII file formats.

OPEX Transform converts standard tiff and jpeg images into multipage tiff, pdf and pdf-a. It also provides a configurable naming convention and mapping of those image files.

Simply stated, Transform provides the solution to map your workflow.