Taking on Wisconsin Department of Transportation DMV’s Digital Transformation

OPEX® scanners creatively solve the burgeoning document processing needs within the Department of Transportation

The Background

The State of Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation is responsible for planning, building, and maintaining Wisconsin’s highways and interstates and works with local, state, and federal agencies to meet demanding travel needs. Having three regional offices throughout the state, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation was facing modernization of their DMV document process. Their goal was to digitize all incoming documents, and provide real-time, up-front quality control and insights into the process.

The Challenge

The DMV had disparate systems for mail, overnight envelopes, fax or email, drivers license or ID i mages and other correspondence. All of these needed to be integrated into one system. Also to be considered was the impact on current mail center employees. There were issues of transaction integrity due to the multiple times the documents were being handled. The physical distribution of paper by employees was inefficient and time consuming.

Key Challenges

Transaction integrity and quality control

Different document types required a wide variety of scanning and processing steps

Slow and inefficient processing

The Solution

The State purchased OPEX® scanners to be installed on their current OPEX® Model 72™ mail openers. When OPEX® scanners are integrated with openers, they are a one-step, drop-feed scanning workstation that allows operators to scan a wide range of document sizes with minimal preparation. The operator can open the envelopes and create secure work types by scanning it along with the envelope. The envelope and scanned contents are given a unique ID right at the scanner. Wisconsin handles a wide variety of document sizes and types for many clients, which makes significant gains in efficiency. From this one-touch process, Naviant® then routes electronically into AnyDoc for OCR on the envelope and contents which can then quickly query databases for validation and data capture. Finally, Naviant enables efficient and secure work flow by releasing the digital transaction into OnBase® workflows. Naviant and OPEX are now enabling Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation to complete projects faster and have improved the utilization of its own internal resources.

Key Results


Mail and documents are opened and scanned on one machine on a “same-day” schedule


Reduction in the amount of physical touches during document processing


Operator intervention required for identifying transaction boundaries

“The state was facing the task of processing a wide variety of scanning requirements including being able to scan everything from a drivers license, glossy photographs and the full spectrum of dmv documents. The goal was to re-tool the process to gain efficiency and accuracy.”

Chris Krause

Managing, Principal Consultant, Naviant, Inc.

The Future

With a successful solution in place, OPEX and Naviant® continue to pursue and implement similar projects. The OPEX Falcon® scanners now allow Naviant® to provide a robust solution that is efficient and cost-effective for their clients with large volumes of mixed documents. Naviant® now offers the Falcon® alongside its Enterprise Content Management solutions for high-volume clients looking to benefit from the reduction of document preparation work.

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