Delta Israel Turns to Automation to Transform Their Online Order Fulfillment Process

“The output of the system in relation to the floor space it occupies is unbeatable”

Eran Gilboa, VP of Logistics, Delta Israel

The Background

Delta Galil, a global leader in intimates and active wear, was originally founded in 1975 in Tel Aviv, Israel and grew to become a global high-tech apparel company with offices around the world from New York to London to Shanghai. Delta Galil has both owned and licensed brands it manufactures and distributes through its vertically integrated network. Delta, part of Delta Galil’s retailer division and founded in 1980, is active in 20 countries with products sold in over 170 chain stores in Israel alone. In addition to retail stores, Delta sells its merchandise through its own ecommerce website.

The Challenge

During peak seasons, Delta required around 24 employees to sort and fulfill orders on a put wall. However, manually sorting items was very time-consuming and inaccurate, causing orders to commonly be missing items or incorrect. Delta was also facing challenges from a high employee turnover, which increased their costs, especially since fully training employees took around two weeks to complete. In addition to their current challenges, Delta also experienced a huge increase in the number of online orders they received during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Challenges

High Employee Turnover

Manual Order Fulfillment Process That is Inaccurate and Time-Consuming

Keeping Up with Ecommerce Growth

The Solution

G&S Warehouse Automation worked hand in hand with Delta’s team to integrate the OPEX® Sure Sort® automated sorting system and transform their order fulfillment process. The Sure Sort system took around a week to install, and the system was fully operational only three days after the installation was complete. Before implementing the Sure Sort system, Delta needed 12 employees on each shift to fulfill online orders using manual put walls. The Sure Sort system needs only six operators on each shift to handle all the online orders, reducing labor requirements by 50%. Training staff to use Sure Sort is also very fast. New hires were trained to operate the system in as little as 15 minutes, drastically reducing the amount of time devoted to instruction. Sure Sort also provides Delta with faster and more accurate order processing, scanning 1,500 items per hour on average. The automated process virtually eliminates the errors commonly made during manual sorting and improves the quality of customer service Delta provides. Sure Sort also allowed Delta to achieve their fulfillment goals, making them more competitive in today’s fast-paced market.

Key Results


Average Number of Items Scanned with the Sure Sort® System


Decrease in Labor


Minutes to Fully Train New Employees

The Future

With the success of their new Sure Sort system in their ecommerce business, Delta is considering other ways that Sure Sort could enhance its business. Now that Delta Galil has an efficient sorting solution in place, they are poised for future growth and ready to stay ahead of their competition.

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