Connecting Employees and Their Mail No Matter Where They Are

OPEX® Falcon® STS™ solution digitizes the mailroom for leading global oil company

The Background

Moving towards an agile workplace, a leading global oil company required that mail be made available to employees working remotely, as well as to those employees who chose to come into the office and work at one of several random desks – a practice known as “free desk addressing.” This required a change in the way mail was processed and delivered to the recipients. While the outcomes were expected to be beneficial, this new way of working came with new challenges that demanded fresh thinking about mail delivery.

The Challenge

Remote working and free desk addressing meant recipients could no longer be present in current locations to receive mail. Additionally, the company found that for many employees, the daily routine of checking their physical mailbox was not a priority, nor was it easily accessible. Mail often accumulated in an employee’s mailbox until the box was full. Moving towards an agile workplace increased these challenges even more.

Key Challenges

Solution must work in an agile workplace

Overflowing mailboxes due to inability/priorities in checking them

Employees need to work remotely and at random desks in the facility due to COVID-19

The Solution

To address these hurdles, the Company turned to OPEX and Image Architects to implement the FalconV® STS™ digital mailroom solution which allows mail centers to sort envelopes, track items and scan envelope contents based on the end-user’s preferences. Envelopes are scanned on the OPEX FalconV® scanner where a barcode is applied and verified for accurate reads during the sorting process. Envelopes are then transferred to bins awaiting the recipient’s decision on whether to scan, deliver for physical pick-up/delivery or recycle via email notification. Once a decision is made, envelopes are processed through the FalconV scanner on a second pass, where the machine reads the barcode on the envelope, associates the recipient’s decision regarding what to do with that envelope, and prints the sort decision using the STS digital mailroom solution. If scan option is selected, recipients will then receive an image of the contents inside the envelope.

Key Results


Reduction in the time needed for daily mail run


Number of mail recipients


Number of mail rooms

“We can now deliver domestic mail to our employees right to their email, any day, any time, wherever they are!”

Unit Director

Support Services at a Leading Global Oil Company

The Future

As the agile workplace initiative continues to evolve, the implementation of new digital mail technology has allowed this global oil company to provide exceptional mail services to its employees. Whether working remotely or free desk addressing, employees will have access to their inbound postal mail and the critical business information it contains.

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