Category: Warehouse Automation

Blockchain for the Supply Chain

How this distributed ledger technology can help improve the safety and security of supply chains around the world.


Blockchain Explained

Bitcoin's underlying technology could potentially improve supply chain transactions. So, what is it?


Mispicks: What They Really Mean for Your DC

The cost of picking and shipping errors go far beyond returns processing. Here’s why.

As warehouses strive to produce “perfect orders” for their customers at a much higher velocity, the cost of an error has only increased. A worst-case scenario for a distribution center is for a mispick to occur and make its way through the delivery process. Mispicks and other inaccuracies not only disappoint customers and initiate costly return processes,  they also produce a ripple effect that generates additional costs and erodes customer loyalty.


Omnichannel Revenue Management: Searching for Profit

Without the technology to effectively measure the cost and benefits of each new type of omnichannel sale, it’s nearly impossible to gauge whether the program is profitable.


AI Hits the Road in Logistics

Discover the four key application areas where AI, machine learning and other technologies will have the biggest impact in logistics.


Retail Stores are Transforming into Fulfillment Centers

Converting retail stores into mini-fulfillment centers is a more cost-effective way to expand the distribution network using existing facilities that are already close to where customers live.


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