Financial service organizations rely on the revenue generated by their wholesale lockboxes.  In this competitive landscape, banks are looking for ways to automate manual processes, reduce labor costs, secure risky handoffs and improve image quality.

OPEX Corporation provides unique, lean processing solutions that virtually eliminate the steps that adversely affect quality, risk and cost. 

From as few as 30 sorts to more than 1,000, OPEX automates the sorting of incoming mixed mail including flats, all in a single pass.  Healthcare clients are segmented during that same pass from other business clients, significantly reducing the risk of breaching confidentiality. These tasks are easily completed with an affordable and unique mail sorting solution, the Mail Matrix.


By scanning directly from the envelope with the FalconRED™, wholesale lockboxes can combine multiple steps into a single touch one-step process using one operator.  Contents are scanned directly from the envelope in a matter of seconds.  Checks no longer have to wait hours to be scanned on a ‘high speed’ scanner.  Incoming flats are scanned with their associated contents, eliminating the expensive step of copying those envelopes.

Touch paper less, speed up the overall scanning process, and eliminate steps in the process. See how OPEX can improve your quality and bottom line.

"Utilizing the Mail Matrix to sort mail in a single-pass...eliminates inefficiency and optimizes the processing of envelopes."  
Lockbox Payments, a TAWPI Executive Report