No other sector has higher transaction integrity requirements than the payment processing industry. Highly regulated and strictly enforced privacy laws require a unique combination of precision, security, and speed. OPEX payment processing equipment is utilized by credit card companies, utilities, telecommunications companies, and many of the industries that process the millions of transactions that our economy generates every day.

OPEX mailroom innovations and transaction processing solutions have set the standard for document workflow excellence.  For over 40 years, OPEX has been the leading producer of mail extraction equipment in the U.S. — serving small, medium and Fortune 100 companies alike.

OPEX’s global reputation has been built upon innovations like the OPEX Eagle™, renowned for increasing productivity and improving accuracy for thousands of organizations worldwide.  That is why the top 15 credit card issuers worldwide and hundreds of other financial processing centers have chosen OPEX to handle their remittance transactions.  More than two billion payments are processed every year using the most efficient, secure, and precise transaction automation equipment available.

Within the OPEX family of scanners and workstations, the FalconRED™ & FalconV RED™ allows the processing of checks together with their corresponding documents, capturing images and data, reading MICR, printing an audit trail, and sorting transactions containing checks and larger documents—all in a single pass. This equipment can even process torn, wrinkled, stapled, creased, and damaged documents. By reducing preparation time and creating data and image files, OPEX makes payment processing for the remittance market exceptionally profitable.