Medical Records Industry SolutionDigitalization of patient records in Healthcare is a major focus of many institutions, and much energy and many dollars are being invested in EHR and EMR system installations.  Even so, there are millions of medical records residing on paper.  Boxes full of files containing individual medical histories sit in offices or are stored on a multitude of shelves in warehouses. 

Scanning these records can be time consuming and costly.  Messy, stapled, mixed sized documents within a file folder can require a lot of handling to prepare them for scanning.  However, imaging these documents with OPEX’s technologically advanced scanners will eliminate most of the labor associated with traditional scanning, saving both time and money. 

From documents the size of a business card to the folder itself, OPEX scanners can scan it all and return the contents directly to the file folder. By combining preparation and scanning into one-step, the risk of compromising sensitive data, mishandling personal information, or losing important documents is virtually eliminated.



"Too many payers continue to use dated manual processes to manage these paper documents. These practices are rife with wasted steps that prolong turnaround time and introduce risk into the process."
- Excerpt from a Q&A session with OPEX Corporation's Director of Strategic Alliances, Mark Smith.