accounts payable invoiceToday’s accounts payable departments face multiple challenges.  Duplicate payments, unrecorded liabilities, missed discounts and poor vendor relationships are just a few of the issues you may face each day.

Despite advances in hardware and software technology, paper handling remains one of the biggest obstacles in achieving best of class efficiency and accuracy in AP.

Implementing OPEX scanning technology is the first step toward control over and visibility of vendor invoices.

By converting paper invoices to digital images, progressive AP departments are increasing data capture accuracy and reducing invoice approval cycle time.  Organizational decision-making is more informed as the result of timelier access to business intelligence.

Freed from redundant and often unnecessary tasks, these AP departments become strategic players in their organization. They increase discounts taken, improve cash flows and assist Purchasing in securing better pricing from satisfied suppliers.

Whether you are just starting on document scanning or looking to improve a process currently in place, invest the time to learn how OPEX’s proven one-touch scanning process in the Falcon® or FalconRED™ can transform your AP department into a strategic leader for your organization.