Living Our Values

A Personal Perspective on Our Values
By: Kathy Stevens, Stevens Family Member

The values of OPEX are not just corporate…they are our family’s values. Donna Stevens and I had great respect for our in-laws, Al and Joanna Stevens, the founders of OPEX. They modeled to us their work ethic, integrity, and the belief of the value of the individual that are foundational at OPEX. As David (OPEX CEO) and I raised our four children, and as Mark (OPEX COO) and Donna raised their two children, stewardship, trust, and service were principles that we tried to incorporate into our parenting styles. Perhaps the most interesting real life laboratory to test organizational flexibility and fairness was on the twelve extended family vacations that we all took together!

Although these values are important to all of us, we are human and have sometimes stumbled. But, these shared values have helped to redirect us and they are guideposts that draw us together. There is an awareness amongst our family that we are blessed and with that blessing comes great responsibility.

I am so thankful for the foundation that was laid by Al and Joanna. I have great respect and love for David and Mark. They have worked hard and led with strength. And there are the six grandchildren of Al and Joanna who carry on this legacy. Whether they work at OPEX or not, they are practicing these principles in their lives.

Kristen, Jonathon, Ashley, Jenny, Alex and Andrew have traveled different paths, but they have been nurtured with the same values. I am humbled to see how this generation has grown and how they have chosen to share their views of “family values.” I hope that as you read the thoughts expressed by our family, you will share with me the excitement I feel for OPEX’s future.