Living Our Values



By: Kristen Miranda, Tradeshow Coordinator

"It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it."
-- Warren Buffett
Trust is something that we do on a regular basis without even recognizing it. As we sit in a chair, we trust that it will hold us up. When we walk into a building, we trust that the roof will not collapse on us. But trust is so much more than believing that things won’t let us down. Trust involves people.

Over the past few years of working at OPEX, I’ve seen how trust is woven through almost everything we do. In my position as Trade Show Coordinator, I have learned that I have to trust those around me to help me get my job done. I have to trust that Production is going to build the machines correctly, that Shipping is going to ship them to the correct location, that Service will show up to install the machines, and that Sales will be there to present the correct message to our customers and prospects. In an organization where teamwork is required, trust is essential.

But, trust goes two ways. Not only is it important to trust others, it’s important to be trustworthy. To me, being someone who people can trust is just as important as trusting other people.

As a family, we recognize that each employee places their trust in us. We know that you trust us for your livelihood. This is not something that we take lightly. When decisions are made about growth and expansion, one of the big considerations is: Will we be able to sustain this position if the growth does not continue at the current rate? One of the reasons we ask this is because each employee trusts OPEX to provide their next paycheck. We recognize that not only have you put your trust in us, but in many ways, you have put the well-being of your family in our trust. To our family, that’s important.

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