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OPEX CertainScan 5.0

CertainScan5.0 provides users with the most intuitive way to visually classify documents as they are scanned.  The versatility of this platform allows users to maximize the many features of their OPEX scanner and minimize the preparation of documents prior to scanning.

It only makes sense to couple a document prep reducing software with the only scanners on the market specifically designed to minimize document prep.

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OPEX Insight

OPEX Insight is a software productivity suite that helps unlock the full potential of mailroom and scanning operations that use OPEX products. The Insight Dashboard brings immediate visibility to all OPEX equipment through continuous device monitoring and multi-dimensional analysis of performance data. Insight is designed to deliver actionable, operational intelligence to mailroom and scanning center professionals in real-time. With instant access to key performance drivers, managers can anticipate future resource allocation needs, make informed and confident processing decisions, and pinpoint operational bottlenecks.

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OPEX WholesaleWorks

OPEX WholesaleWorks leverages integrated extraction and scanning to provide unsurpassed quality and efficiency in wholesale lockbox processing. The WholesaleWorks System consists of an OPEX AS-Series document scanner, OPEX WholesaleWorks Software Module and integrated remittance processing (RP) software. Using this system, wholesale processors can convert sealed envelopes to electronic data in one step, validate transactions and image quality during processing, and minimize exceptions and errors by streamlining the workflow.

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