OPEX Model 72™

Mail Extraction Desk with Milling Cutter

Proven Ergonomic Platform Engineered for Superior Performance

Proven Ergonomic Platform Engineered for Superior Performance

The most utilized mail extraction device in the world is redefining efficiency once again. Introducing the OPEX Model 72™ Rapid Extraction Desk (RED™). With an all-new feeder, milling cutter, and auto-jog transport – it’s the most efficient way to open and extract a wide range of incoming mail.

Built upon a legacy of nearly four decades of innovation, OPEX Corporation raises the bar again for mailroom automation with the Model 72 Rapid Extraction Desk. Designed with the operator in mind, the Model 72 is the perfect blend of ergonomics, ease-of-use, and accessibility. There is now 20% more desk space, an optimized mail tray, and a more conveniently located display. This all adds up to increased operator satisfaction and more efficient mail opening.

The Model 72 advances the proven OPEX design for efficient mail opening and extraction. For years Rapid Extraction Desks have been appreciated for their intuitive and practical workflow process, and the Model 72 takes it to the next level. Advancements in cutting technology and feeder design make the best extraction desk available even better.

It was perceived as being superior to anything else on the market and so it has proved in operation

—Robert Lancastle Birmingham City Council

Industry-Leading Features and Reliability

The Model 72 marks the first time that dependable milling cutting is available on an OPEX Rapid Extraction Desk. Milling cutting offers a smaller cut depth which significantly reduces the potential of cutting contents. This makes the Model 72 perfect for applications which include thick and overly-filled envelopes. Milling cutting also produces a soft feathered-edge, which lends itself well to additional operator comfort.

Another major improvement is the all-new friction feeder. Running various thicknesses of envelopes intermixed is no longer difficult. Intermixed envelopes often contain an unpredictable number of documents inside. The new feeder has been engineered to automatically adapt on-the-fly to varying envelopes and reliably transport the envelopes through the track. In addition, the entire track has been optimized for irregular envelopes. Each envelope is auto-jogged to shift contents away from both cut edges to achieve a new level of content protection. All of this results in a better ability to process all of your incoming envelopes with decreased down-time, higher quality, and greater overall throughput.

Intuitive Process Ensures Unrivaled Performance and Security

New features and advancements in technology aside, the most important aspects of mailroom automation are throughput, reliability, and content integrity. This is where the Model 72 performs brilliantly. And it provides an exceptional increase in measurable operator productivity.

Furthermore, long-established features like the Memory Verifier Unit enable accurate content status measuring. So if an operator accidentally leaves a document in an envelope, the Model 72 immediately stops running and notifies the operator. Additionally, its Thickness Profiling Verifier takes continuous readings of envelope construction, with measurement resolution and precision up to 1/10th the thickness of a sheet of paper. This enables the Verifier to read colored papers, privacy envelopes, advertising envelopes, and other formats to ensure utmost reliability and security.

The Model 72 Rapid Extraction Desk’s technology offers efficient, secure, and reliable mixed envelope opening and extraction. A variety of industries worldwide turn to OPEX Corporation to provide them with the most innovative mailroom automation solutions available. The Model 72 is the most cost-effective and efficient way to open and extract mixed mail.