OPEX Eagle™

High-speed Remittance Processor

Eagle™ represents the most efficient, least labor intensive, and most secure processing of remittances available today.

Eagle is truly a step into the future of mail extraction and payment processing.  Previous methods of processing mailed remittances required multiple steps and touches to get the remittance out of the envelope and into a deposit-ready condition.  Eagle was designed to collapse the workflow and provide the most advanced technology to process payments.

Eagle represents the most efficient, least labor intensive, and most secure processing of remittances available today.  It all begins with unopened mail being loaded on the feed conveyor and ends with the presentation of checks and documents sorted for best clearing.  Since the imaging of the checks and documents takes place in line with the extraction process, human hands do not touch the contents until after an image of the transaction has been secured.

With 500 milliseconds of available decisioning time, Eagle can accept input from multiple plug-ins and account for that input in the decisioning process.  Convertibility, Image Quality Assessment, Character Amount Recognition (CAR), Legal Amount Recognition (LAR), hot files, best clearing method and others are among the input that can be utilized to help determine the final disposition of the piece.

When performing electronic clearing through Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC), Check 21, or Image Exchange, the documents and checks are usually removed from Eagle and placed in a tray for storage or destruction – no further handling of the paper is necessary.  If paper clearing is the best alternative, the image obtained by the Image Export Module makes it possible to run a second pass only on those items.  The need to push every check down a subsequent transport has been eliminated.

Eagle does all of this with throughputs that are generally 15% to 30% faster than those achieved on the System 150/IEM – previously the industry’s most efficient extraction device.  Higher throughput, more decisioning power, greater ease of service and workflow compression make Eagle the best choice for processing remittance mail.  Eagle provides the quickest deposit-ready remittance processing available.  Soar with Eagle and reach new heights of processing efficiency in your operation.