Mail Automation

OMATION Model 2112

Mailroom Automation for Mid-Volumes of Incoming Mail

The OMATION® Model 2112 Envelopener® offers proven technology for mid-sized mail-opening operations with volumes of 200 to 2000 pieces per day. This compact unit provides mailroom automation for mid-volumes of incoming mail, and it is equipped with the same milling cutter technology as the higher speed OMATION® 306 Envelopener®. The Model 2112 delivers an economical solution for "handful in/handful out" automated envelope extraction.

A Distinct Advantage

By using high-speed milling technology, the Model 2112 prevents cut contents and produces a soft, feathered edge. These are distinct advantages over slicing-blade and guillotine-type cutters that often damage and cut contents and leave the envelope with sharp edges which can cause painful paper cuts.

Minimize Waste

Waste is minimized because the Model 2112 produces tiny milled chips rather than larger strip cuttings. The chips are whisked away and automatically discarded into a large capacity chip tray, keeping the workspace clean and preventing jams.

Key Features

Milling Cutter

Protects contents, eliminates paper cuts, provides edge-to-edge opening and minimizes waste.


Advanced self-adjusting feeder for efficient mixed-mail opening.

Cut Depth Lever

Two cut-depth adjustments - a no-cut setting and envelope counting.


The Model 2112 can open up to 400 envelopes per minute but is ideal for "handful in/handful out" operations.





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